Burgers & Steaks

Where have you guys had notably good hamburgers or steaks at? I’m starting to travel more so I’m hoping to expand my list over time, but honestly the best steak AND burger was in the same city for me…Shreveport, Louisiana. I came to appreciate that the location led to better quality meat being supplied, even at the same price points as other areas I’ve had beef.

Hamburger - Fumblebrewski in Shreveport, Louisiana
The regular hamburgers are really good. But this is the place where I discovered the Juicy Lucy and similar style burgers. I’ve had stuffed burgers elsewhere, but never as good.

Steak - Country Tavern in Shreveport, Louisiana
This place is part restaurant and part bar with outdoor seating, and they are closed off from eachother and provide different experiences. What doesn’t change is the steak, which is the best I’ve ever had. Filet, ribeye, steak appetizer bites…it doesn’t matter. An honorable mention goes to Texas Street Tavern in Bossier City, Louisiana. Its basically the same steak. My understanding is that one of the owners of Country Tavern had a falling out there, mainly due to how he viewed his female employees and how often he dated them. So he left and opened a different restaurant across the bridge that’s in a slightly odd location but has a little bit more polish and sex appeal than the Country Tavern. And since the owner is a horndog, the waitstaff tends to be more attractive.

You will not be disappointed. Best steak I’ve ever had. Not cheap.

If you ever travel out west, let me know. That’s my territory.

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I travel a lot and manage to find a lot of mediocre food. I can’t think of the last time I’ve found a knockout burger or steak. For a few years I hit all of the boutique burger places on the strip in Vegas. Most were really dreck. The one good one that stood out was at BLT burger in the mirage. No fancy BS, just a solid burger, perfectly cooked, perfect fries. So many great places died over the years.

I don’t suppose any of the graybeards here ever hit Tony Deckers in Oscoda back in the day?

Due to my circumstances, I’m literally just a couple clicks of a mouse from being out west. Talk to me, Goose.

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Sounds like it was shutdown in 2016, but then reopened as LVB Burger, not sure if it will be the same, but I will be at the Mirage on Saturday night, so I may check it out.

Stout Burgers & Beer in Santa Monica.

Great Burgers and beer selection

That’s normally where I stay. There’s a carnigee deli in there (or was), if you like 5 pound pastrami sandwiches. The BLT burger place was at the side entrance to the left of the main door if you are looking at the building. The other place I thought was good (and blanking on the name) was on the second or third floor of the mandalay bay. The burger bar or something like that. The Gordon ramsey place in the flamingo was terrible.

One other thing that I didn’t try, but loved the idea of, was the “hangover burger” at Binions downtown. Just a big burger, all the toppings and covered with a fried egg and a side of hashbrowns. I was on the sign outside. Looked great!

Slaters 50/50

One of the best burger joints around. They’re recently expanding and I just noticed there’s on near me here in TX. Used to only have two locations in Southern California.

Side bar: I know where I’m going for lunch today.

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There’s a place here called Hair of the Dog and they do those hangover burgers as well. I had one a few weeks ago. They do it with waffles as the buns!

What state?

holy shit that looks amazing.

That looks terrible to me. I would not touch that thing.

The main issue I have with it is how to attack it. It’s like half is going to wind up on the floor no matter what you do. Stuff like that is interesting, and probably pretty good if you can get a grip on it, but having to fight your food is always a bit of a downer.

I know exactly what you mean. I didn’t have to attack my hangover burger though, it stayed together surprisingly well. However I must say that bacon on burgers gives me the most issues. I’ve learned to adjust the way I bite into a burger if it has bacon on it. If you don’t completely sever the bacon with every bite, you are simply going to drag it right out of the bun.

Come to Portland. Burgers are epic. I’ll have one of my peeps show you around

It doesn’t really matter. I won’t be going for any particular purpose other than for something to do on a weekend rather than just sit at home. Being around an interesting city that’s worth exploring a little bit would be a plus, obviously. Years ago I would have told you NO to states like Wyoming. But then I almost got a job in Colorado, which forced me to research Colorado…which naturally led me into Wyoming and I was like “holy shit I need to go to Wyoming!” LOL

Portland is definitely on the hit list of places I want to go. What would be a good area to get a hotel in? I can stay anywhere and make it work, but my preferred area for bigger cities is like the Galleria in Houston. I spent a little extra to get the Westin. Its literally attached to the mall, but its also within walking distance of all kinds of shopping, restaurants and cool stuff. So once I parked at the hotel, I didn’t have to use my car again.

Check out the 9’s or Doug Fir. Different scenes but both totally Portland

As far as Vegas goes, I’d have to rank a Top 10 LOL.