Burleson want rookie contract at qb position

I agree with him . Why over paying qbs when teams don’t has success https://www.mlive.com/lions/2020/01/ex-lions-wr-nate-burleson-might-be-time-for-detroit-to-move-into-post-matthew-stafford-era.html

I got a new manager so I can not express as I used to daily here . Again my pick is 49 ers as opposed to everyone , see you all after super bowl

Thanks for the article. pretty much the same things we’ve been discussing around here.

If you truly know for sure that Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love, etc is that guy, you may have to consider a QB at #3 or in a trade back. It’s going to be interesting what the Lions do on March 18 when free agency starts and the draft.

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Yep. He is right when he said QB is on the table. Draft Tua and sit him this year and then trade Stafford next year.

If you are #3 you can’t walk away without a QB / elite OT or elite pass rusher. Assuming Young is gone the pick should either be Tua/ Herbert or an OT. Nothing else should even be considered.

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I really do not disagree with the value of the QB available at #3 for the Lions …Tua would be a joke.

Herbert is the only #QB I would consider at #3 and with Stafford’s contract and how he adjusted it to clear some space in 2020 the plan could be that . Stafford would remain in 2020 and 2021 and likely gone in 2022 a rookie starting in 2021 will negate any extra money spent elsewhere when Stafford in 2021, will only cost us an extra $13 million to to stay unless we got a landslide of picks for him in 2021 … None of this makes sense to me though as far as getting better short term and short term is what I think the plan is with Martha …if she is indeed pulling the strings .

If taking a QB at 3 is the right decision, they will make that decision
The implications of that would be discussed in advance and Martha would have signed off on it
It’s not about buying another year, it’s about ensuring the franchise best long term interest is served
I have no idea if one of these guys are good enough to make that move for

I don’t think the Lions will ever move on from Stafford without him being injured enough to be career ending or he wants to retire. I just don’t see it.

I would not draft Tua, that’s all I know.

When you have an opportunity to draft a nextgen qb and gm draft players like hockenson again , he should be fired . Stafford keep saying my back is in the best shape of my life since he saw back up qbs excelling and draft coming .

What backup QB’s were excelling while Stafford was hurt???

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Lols this funny stuff. Back ups excelling, u hate Stafford but the play of the back ups was excelling. Lols just wow


I’m really surprised that more people aren’t bothered by the fact that Justin Herbert really isn’t all that good at the game of football. I mean, he has all of the tools to be great, but the likelihood that he suddenly becomes a great NFL QB when he really wasn’t one in college seems pretty slim to me.

I think he’ll be a serviceable starter. He’s too talented not to be but there is something ineffable missing with him IMO. He’s actually a little bit like Staff in that regard.

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Not hate mouse , it’s like he didn’t show up on big games , then alteast show some leadership to make everybody better . He thinks he is doing good and that’s good , that’s the wrong conception that he need to fix . Learn the playbook

Remember you said that. I don’t want to hear you bitching for another 11 years if we take Tua.

Depends on what you are using as a ruler for this measurement ?

Comparing what Oregon was running to what an NFL team will be running , will and should be night and day .
What would J.Herbert and his talent looked like with LSU this year in that Offense?

What would the Passing OC in Joe Brady (Now current NFL Carolina Panthers OC) after one year at LSU have drawn up for Herbert at LSU in that Offense if the entire field was in play and at his disposal … unlike it was with Joe Burrow and his limited arm?

How many GREAT college QB’s (Not that Herbert was not one) have failed miserably at the NFL level because they lacked the talent Level a J.Herbert has ?

Herbert’s physical traits are incredible . He is a baby still at 21 years old and the numbers he put up at Oregon with what he had to work with is amazing .

Respectfully …to each his own … Just not sure what the bar is or what you are using as the measuring stick to make comparisons in what can not be remotely considered Apples to Apples in talent level to work with & Coaching?

Can’t agree more.

#3 is where you land a very, very special player at any position. If there’s not an insanely special player available, you’ve got to go QB, OT, or elite pass rusher like you said. Couldn’t agree more man.

Or trade down. I love the trade down option for the Lions as well considering their position. We know Quinn and Patricia don’t want to bring a rookie QB in. Because of that, trading down has got to be the move if there are any decent offers on the table.

Drafting QBs based on physical traits is the best way to draft a bust. The list of prototypical QBs who busted is such a long one I hesitate to post it as I’ll need a tl;dr. And like Husker says it’s because they were all lacking that ‘it’ factor. How many of today’s best QBs fit the QB mold? Brady, Brees, Russ, Mahomes, Watson, Lamar Jackson, Kyler, Dak all had questions about their arm strength or athleticism or their physical traits (height) or that they were ‘system’ QBs (even Rodgers lasted until the late-first cause of concerns he was a system guy).

All of that said, it’s still hard to spot the ‘it’ factor before the draft too. Pay too much mind to it and you end up drafting Manziel or Sanchez or Joey Harrington.