Burrow to Lions, not Tua?

SI’s latest mock draft has the Dolphins trading up for Tua- but not to #3, to #1. Young falls to Washington, and then we are sitting at #3 with Burrow on the board. SI has us taking him there. If that came to pass, how would you feel? We could:

  • Take Burrow instead of Tua. Is that better for us or worse?
  • Try to trade out of the pick w/ Burrow available, but Miami already trading up. Is that better or worse for us? Is Burrow’s trade value enough to lure another viable bidder besides Miami?
  • Take someone else entirely without trading. (No net change)

You sprint to the podium to take Burrow. It couldn’t work out better for the Lions.


I absolutely agree!

For me, I feel you could land a better load of picks for Burrow than for Tua.

And I also am torn on this decision. Take Burrow, or take the picks. Hmmmmm

I feel i would have to know Staffords condition 100% before I could make informative decision. And only way to know it 100%, is to be in the organization itself. Soooooo, if Staff is not or will not be 100%, or never will be himself again, I have to take Burrow IMO.

If Stafford is ready to go and has made a full recovery and expected to be better than before, I have to go with the picks provided they are being offered. Because I feel the Lions will be offered more for Burrow than for Tua post-op hip injury.

Would be hard to turn down 2 #1s this year with a 2nd rd. And maybe a #1 next year. This would be hard to turn down. (Depending how far down the 1s are in 2020 draft)

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I know what you are saying, I am not saying you are wrong by any stretch. I am just saying, health is such a wildcard. Let’s say the Lions doctors assure you that Stafford’s back injury is healed 100%. It’s still a back injury. Stafford is still 31, and just by nature itself, the injuries will happen.

Deciding to go younger and cheaper with Burrow could have some great initial perks. Burrow could also get hurt himself and then you watch Stafford go flourish with another team.

You could even opt for keep Stafford a year, draft Burrow at #3, and let Burrow sit for 1 year learning how to be an NFL QB and then decide what to do with either Stafford or Burrow next season. That option may land you the biggest guaranteed haul of all. If there is one thing we know in the NFL, there will be at least 3-4 teams next year who will have a QB problem and will be willing to pay a kings ransom for the next franchise solution.

My issue with Burrow is that his whole “body of work” is not as consistent as Tua. Both saw limited action prior to 2018, and then were full time starters in 2018 and 2019. Tua’s stats are consistent year-over-year. Burrow, however, was not great in 2018. Less than 60% completion rating in college always makes me nervous. He was obviously very good this last year, but the year before he wasn’t anything special.

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Kyler Murray couldn’t start until his draft year… is that affecting him in the NFL? Peyton Manning’s JR year he threw 20 TDs to 12 INTs. Our QB put up college lines of 7 TDs to 12 INTs and 19 TDs to 10 INTs prior to his draft year. The hand wringing over Burrow is unreal.


What QBs are projected to be top ten pick in 5 yrs… you know those seniors in HS guys…

We are missing imho that fact at least one good QB - franchise lvl - is on each draft… these two guys of passed upon may be great: good for them.

The others coming up in a few yrs will be too…

I don’t care what they do if it means we become a consistent playoff team and win the SB along the way!

I’d trade down. I bet Car or SD would put together a solid package of picks.

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Agree with air. Although I don’t necessarily disagree with iggy either, and that hurts cuz I am a Stafford guy

I agree. I LOVE Burrow.

If Burrow slipped to #3 and the Lions were drafting a QB …You run to the podium and take the best QB prospect in the 2020 Draft…QB Justin Herbert , Oregon and you let the one year wonder continue his slide .