C J Anderson, welcome to the D!



Good news. He will fit right in as part of the rotation.


Amazing what an off season can look like when the team has competent coaches and a real GM.


Just in case anyone still wants to rag on Patricia and the Lions organization.


From 2018…


HELLS YAH! Thats what Im talkin bout!


Didnt see that coming, but this is a nice signing for sure.

But. But, but…no one will sign with Detroit…cuz… PATRICIA!


It will be interesting to see how he does when he doesn’t have to compete with the likes of Christian McCaffrey and Todd Gurley. I like Kerryon a lot, but he isn’t those guys (at least not yet).


Great pickup. I think we have put together a nice off-season and are positioning ourselves to just go grab talent in the draft.


Yes…but is he better than Zenner? :crazy_face:

Looks like he fumbles about once every 120 touches (if you count his receiving plays).

Doesn’t appear to be much of a threat as a passer, but 6 ypc is great. Strange that he isn’t used more. If you look at his career, he’s never really had a lot of touches.

I dig this dude as an option to KJ, but I don’t see him stealing the starting role from him either. Hope he is durable.


Folks, we have a running game! Pretty much, no matter what!


Yup, draft a OG early on and we should be in good shape. A good running game will compliment Staffords game, instead of him needing to be a superstar for us to have a chance to win.

Good Defense and a good running game will make Stafford a better QB for this team.


I’m not sure it makes Stafford a better QB. I think he stays the same but it gives him more margin for error.


Yeah, he is what he is… Im thinking fewer opportunities for errors to occur with more play action, more game management, fewer plays so dependent on Matt being great with the football, and simply not putting the ball in the air 50 times a game.


Which is the ideal situation for an NFL QB.


3rd and 3 is a lot easier to convert than 3rd and 12. And it could mean a little less wear and tear on our franchise QB. But none of the current RGs (Wiggins/Aboushi/Dahl) are noted for their runblocking, so an IOG pick at some point in the draft makes sense. Some say Crosby will be the guy, but that’s an assumption with not much basis in fact, no matter what some draft guru said last year. Not sure how early the pick has to be though, but if they wait on a guy somebody else might take him 1st. CJA is a good signing though, IMHO.


A great replacement for LaBlount. I’d be happy if we draft a back to replace what Riddick gives the offense.


Being reported that it’s a 1 year 1.5 million deal. The specifics of that aren’t known


Sweet, that’s much better than paying $4.5mil for Blount.


Holy crap! I would’ve thought CJ had bigger offers after his stint with the Rams.