C J Anderson, welcome to the D!


Totally a better deal. Quinn won this round.

I’d bet that Anderson was the actual target.

Quinn forces the Rams to choose NOW. They chose Brown, Anderson said “F y’all”. Now we get Anderson for cheaper and a huge chip on his shoulder.

Love it.

We’re set at RB, in my estimation and I like them all for what they do. Hopefully we’ll see a healthy rotation going on.


CJA is only a 1 year deal, so if I’m the Lions I draft an RB in the later rounds to get him ready to go next year. Might even see PT this year if/when injuries strike.


Malcom Brown has less experience and, I think, less potential than Zenner.

We wanted Anderson all along. Quinn knew that that the Rams would match because his offer was less than the Rams had offered him for a 1 year contract.