Call it as you see it for Monday’s game... and the winner is

I have a good feeling about this game. I don’t think they’ll be able to stop our run game, unless they stack the box, and Stafford will pick them apart. GB won’t have Adams, and we will stop their run game and force Erin to play crazy and sceered. Lions 37 - Packers 21

At Lambeau, I think it’s going to go down to the wire. DET 24 GB 23

Lions 30
FTP 17

27-23 Lions

As we get closer to game day, I get less objective, and more just a pure fan.

Lions 37
Packers 23

33-21 lions

Road game in primetime against a 1st place team until they prove to me they are ready for this I unfortunately have to give GB the edge.It will be a close game I say 24-21 Packers pull it out in the end with help from the Zebras.Hope I’m wrong and eating some crow Tuesday morning.


Eagles did it bruh!
Eagles looked good doing it too.
Eagles looked like dung against us.

Just a quick reminder!

(Pleaseberight, pleaseberight, pleaseberight, pleaseberight)

35-28 Lions.

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40 Lions
10 Packers

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Packers 30 Lions 17

You all are underestimating the Packers or overrating the Lions. I sure hope I’m wrong.

With no Adams I think we are flat out better than them and win going away.

Lions 24 Pack 17 but we lead 70% of the game.

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30-27 Lions. I’d much prefer 30-17 but Rodgers will probably find a way to keep them in it.

Then there’s this…

Aaron Rodgers (knee) was limited in practice again Friday.

We need to pummel him, I hope we bring some pass rush.

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23-17 Detroit. Detroit dominates game but kicks a bunch of FG’s. Green Bay scores a late TD to make the score appear closer than the game really was.

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Guess their line has the green light to hold as much as they want.

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I can see him limping and crying to the ref already.


I’ve got a horrible feeling about this game. Everyone’s so up about the Lions. We’re getting some respect, people are believing… it’s just SO Lions to fall on their face in front of the world on prime time.
Lions - 13
Mymosthatedenemies - 27

Stafford looks bad. 2 int’s. Defense seems ok, but ill timed turnovers on the wrong side of the field seal the deal.


So many variables not in our favor.
This fudge team, admit it or not, is a good team.
Road game vs winning team. We don’t fare well in these
Primetime vs winning team. Again not good
A win would be 5 in a row over them, is that even possible?
That would be 2 home losses in a row for them.
But this isn’t your fathers, his fathers, or even our old lions team.
Lions 33
Fudgies 27 OT
Big play slay pick 6 to end it

The NFL feeds it’s glory teams superstars narrative. A BS roughing or facemask AND a ticky tacky DPI gets the Packers in position for game winning FG as time expires. GB 26 DET 24. (still suffering from severe Lionization at times like this)

26-23 Detroit