Call it as you see it for Monday’s game... and the winner is

I hate it when fans talk like this. It gives me a bad feeling.

Personally I think a healthy Lions can beat a healthy Packers team if the refs call a fair game. I think the Lions are a more physical team. If they play hard like they did vs KC we should win it.

GB has been creating turnovers by applying pressure with 3-4 linemen and dropping the rest into coverage. They’ve done a good job of getting the QB to force a ball under pressure. I hope Stafford doesn’t fall for that. Personally I think the key to beating them is to get up early and run the ball with success. While limiting mistakes and turnovers. That’s how Philly beat them.

Yes basically you’d be a .500 team but boy would that mess up the tie breaker system.

If Stafford forces the ball, the Lions will lose. Just don’t make any mistakes, Matthew. Take the safe throws and have faith in the defense and the Lions should win the game. If the Lions lose the turnover battle, they lose the game. If they don’t turn the ball over, I like their chances.



It’s a tough task to beat any team when you’re away. The Lions have the benefit of the bye week on their side though. I don’t know what to expect, but I just bought tickets to see it in person on a whim lol hopefully we come ready to play. I optimistically predict…
Lions 31
Packers 27

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Is goal post making the trip?

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27-24 Packers not gonna beat the refs to we get some tuff calls against us,

That had my heart racing just reading it… Great story Air! Let’s hope we play clean, force the refs to swallow the whistles, get the three TD lead, and never look back.
That’s the hope but the heart sides with Air that it’ll be close and to the wire but a victory nonetheless.


Huge Lions fan. My heart tells me the Lions prove something and win this game. My head tells me it will be competitive but the Packers pull away for the win.

I hope my heart wins over my head.

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Maybe I’m reading way too much into early game results but I don’t see this team suffering losses with the other team … pulling away

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There is not a game left on our schedule that is not winnable. How many do we actually snag? Not sure? We should be competitive . Reaching our potential should mean playoffs. NFC is beating the crap out of each other.


Until I see otherwise, I have to think we lose one in very frustrating fashion.

It would be excellent if we went in there and somehow blew them out.

We keep hearing how Patricia drew the template on how to defend Mahomes and the Chiefs (even though they still scored a bunch and we lost the game)… We also keep hearing how Stafford and Bevell are clicking. Well, let’s see Patricia implement a game plan that makes Rodgers look like a fool, and lets see Bevell and Stafford run a nonstop train to the end zone.

We’ve had 2 weeks to prepare. Tons of time to watch film and work on a game plan. No excuses. Get it done. This would be the most meaningful win under Patricia, and possibly the biggest win for Stafford, if not, one of the biggest.

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I am prepared to be disappointed but believe it will be a very close game.

I got

GB 27
Det 23

I hope they surprise me like they did against KC without the dumb fumble. You know that the GB DBs will have free reign to be grabbing our guys all night in GB and there will be at least one REALLY HORRIBLE call against us.

But if we are going to take the next step this is the time and game to rise above all that and just do it.

I hope we can get the W.

All that said…if we lose we are still 2-2-1 and as Iggy says…the NFL season is a Marathon. Lots of good teams lose to GB in GB that would win against them at home. Win or lose in Green Bay, the REAL KEY game and question is Minny at home. We HAVE to hold serve on all our of home division games and steal one or two of the road games. That is the requirement to win this Division. Our season is not over with a loss in GB but a W in GB really sets us up well

I love this …,

In pretty sure that’s why Rogers went out last year vs the Lions.

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According to Rodgers interviews during the offseason, he says he suffered a concussion and couldn’t see straight.

I’m pretty sure it was his P***y that was hurt. He didn’t look concussed and his face showed a man who was defeated. He had the Jay Cutler look going on. :eyes:

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After this sack which I believe was number 5. He left with a so called concussion.

Erin discussing Lion pass rush…


He doesn’t looked concussed to me… lolimage

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In an interview with ESPN Milwaukee radio, Rodgers said it was the first time he’s ever removed himself from a game.

“It’s disappointing how it ended, getting that concussion was disappointing and also a little scary, honestly. I couldn’t see. I lost vision, definitely peripheral,” Rodgers told ESPN about the injury he incurred after a sack against the Detroit Lions.

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