Call the W-L for 2019

I say no less than 10 wins.

A. Stafford will be out to prove he’s worth his weight in 2019 with the help of new TE’s and a new OC in Bevell.

B. Jim Bob Cooter is gone, I see Bevell as a big upgrade.

C. We kept Slay and he has help in the secondary , plus again…we have a healthy KJ to start out the season.

I’m a little less confident, I’m going with 9 wins cuz I’m nervous about our CB2 and out Slot CB. Also, the depth on the OL isn’t too good. It’ll be interesting to see how well Bevell’s offense is , we probably need to reserve judgement and give it a little time. LOL, which is something we ain’t famous for.

4-12. Matty Patty is fired. A brand new rebuild begins. (And I don’t hate Patricia. It’s just what I’m expecting)

  1. Offense starts slow.
  2. OL limits us, and makes us more predictable, having to run quick developing plays.
  3. People blame Stafford
  4. Most games are Defensive slug outs
  5. We will be good at Defensive slug outs
  6. Our D finishes between #1-#5 in the league
  7. Our punter is really good, and will help the D in winning the battle of field position
  8. Hockinson creates a ton fo problems and gets bigger numbers than he is supposed to.

10-11 wins. If I have to pick, I’m going with 10 wins and playoffs.
Split with MN, split with Chi, and sweep GB. Winning the division would help.


Well hell, I am just going to copy and paste my other post.

Both defense and offense will be better than last year.
Stafford will not be banged up as much.
Ground game will be a RBC that will eat up clock.
Two TE sets will be doing a lot of blocking in the running game. Safe passes on slants and roll outs. More passing to the side line too, with quick outs.
The Magic 8 ball has us winning at least 9 games.

Party like it’s 1991…!!


5-11 Patricia is a fraud who may very well be gone after going 0-4 before the bye.

If we lose @ AZ you’ll know all you need to know.

11-5… wildcard… finally win a playoff game… and yes I have been drinking…


7-9 , go ahead and place the “over” bet.

8-8 OL scares me!!!

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With the heat our front 7 will be bringing, CB2 won’t have to cover for long. :wink:

If Amendola goes down, there is a significant drop-off, but we will use a lot of 2 TE sets, and we will also use a FB sometimes (all can potentially diminish the need for a lot of production out of the slot).

Same concern. If we can compensate with FB and TEs to have an average offense (around 15 ranked), our D and kicking game can carry us to the playoffs.

Rough start for our guys in preseason.
Still see some holes and depth is a bigger problem than I anticipated coming into the preseason. The Lions will have problems going better than 8-8.

Wait, I was told preseason means nothing. Are you saying it is “skewing” your view?

Yup - most of what we saw are dudes who literally won’t be on the roster.
IMO, basing your forecast of the regular season on preseason performance will be incredibly misleading.

If we can go 3-3 over the first 6 games, we will have a damn fine season. Early obstacles already with losing Davis and Ragnow. Weather an early storm at .500, and make playoffs with 11 wins!

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Well, I toast your optimism although I don’t share it.


10-5. If we can win at least one game weeks 2-4 and come out of those first four games at least 2-2, I’ll say 11-5, that may be good enough to win the Division. Playoff bound.


I think we are being built very intentionally to beat division foes. Most years, that’s the clearest path to the basket. Tough division, from the looks of things, but the way we play will wear on people over time, especially late in the season.


I think we’re catching up though. This team IS better than it was on both sides of the ball. But IMHO they’ve gotta do a better job coming out of the gate. Arizona is not a good team and they’re missing Peterson and I think a few others, so even though we’re a few of our own that’s a game we need to come out strong and win. It’s pretty much going to be about containment, do that and the Lions will win.


Yeah, we are back to the old “black and blue” division. Defense is gonna reign supreme in our division, and will likely determine the Division winner, IMHO. Which kinda goes back to your previous thoughts on winning close games, relying on Defense, Special Teams, clock and turnover management, and field position. Prater is the best place-kicker in the division, and I’m thinking that we’ll be very happy that he’s kicking for us by the time week 17 rolls around. Team MVP?


10-6. Bears regress, Pack falls apart. Defense grinds other teams in the Great Parity down and Matty wins us a couple last minute drive games. Playoff game win.

More is gravy.