Calvin Johnson takes another shot at the Lions organization

BQ must have really pissed CJ off.

Quit crying Calvin it’s gettin old!


Get over it Calvin. When you get to the HOF, don’t bother wearing a Lion hat.


Calvin has a right to express his views. He has earned it.

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Worst thing a person can do to live and stay in the past… no future and no present…, sad if he is still allowing resentments to control his emotions and destroy his happiness.

I hope he finds peace


People can try and spin it however they want, but having one of the greatest players in franchise history, putting the organization down constantly is not a good look.


Of course it is not a good look, but it is also not helping his legacy either. He just looks like a petty whiner.


Sorry, Calvin is being a bigger ass than the Lions. And that’s saying something.

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The guy was just talking about what he did after retiring. It doesn’t seem to me that he intentionally lines up interviews in hopes of bashing the Lions, I think it just happens when players talk about thei badly run organizations, it will come out eventually. This is what happens when you treat your players poorly, he doesn’t owe anything, tell it like it is Calvin and maybe you can help change it for the betterment of this franchise and players in the future.


no he doesn’t, but he thinks the Lions owe him something and they don’t.

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But he played for Papa Bear/Players love him Jim Caldwell, who reportedly treated the players well. Must be talking about the medical staff.

I wish he’d provide specifics. What are they doing for their players on these other teams that the lions don’t?

The lions have provided their players with state of the art facilities, a full staff attending to them, and millions of dollars. What are they not providing?

Until he mentions specifics, I’m kind of just considering him to be a whiny cu**.


He did mention nutrition specifically, I’m assuming other teams educate or provide nutritionists and meal plans for each player.

I also remember a few years back some of the Lions players talking about the new nutritionists and how they had helped them change their eating habits, So I am not sure if that is what he was referring to or not, but would lean toward not.

Mercenary clown always leveraged for every last penny from the Lions but is still a bitter bitch about the Lions treating him like a pure business transaction as well. Good will goes both ways, and Calvin NEVER gave Detroit any sort of hometown discount - which is his right of course, but then don’t whine when they go after every penny of money you didn’t earn when you retire early.

Ask yourself this - would he be talking about this stuff if the Lions had given him the end of contract money even after he retired? If not - why not? Would that have bought his silence? All this criticism is coming out of ill will and malice because Calvin Johnson was treated by the Lions how he treated them his whole career here. It was a business transaction for him, but he wants the Lions to coddle him as some sort of legend.

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The Lions never let them play in post season or playoffs.
But yeah, how else don’t they treat them right?

Most likely, teams all do roughly the same thing in every area we can imagine +/-
80/20 rule
Some are exceptional
Clearly not the Lions who are perennially mediocre, probably in most areas
So, I doubt the Lions are doing anything so far off the mark
It just doesn’t work that way

So yeah, Johnson is doing the passive aggressive thing

Because the Lions have been forever mediocre, i will continue to [hope] the current regime is getting to a culture change that gets results on the field. It’s easy to bash on them at this point. Takes no talent to bitch. Not seeing many signs of a turnaround yet. Every offseason is “critical” for this franchise.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss his comments.

Several former Lions players (who are playing in the super bowl) have made negative comments about the organization this week. Then we have the Sherman comments to.

I do believe that CJ is bitter and takes every opportunity to bash the Lions. However, I also believe there has to be some truth to this.


He expressed the same exact views, many times, over the last few years. He needs to move on and stop acting like a scorn ex-wife.

I believe that he was mistreated and the organization continues to be a joke but for the love of God, move on already. Go enjoy retirement and put this behind you.

yes I am sure SOMETHING was said or went on, OR he wouldn’t have a complaint. where there’s smoke usually there is fire. and as Anthony said there were other players that once said something about how they were treated in Detroit (before). I highly doubt he’s just saying these things for something to do.