Calvin Johnson willing to mend relationship with team if they return money

So? I guess I don’t see the problem with siding with whomever you think is right in a situation.


And… So?

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I thought it was always cool for the guy with less money to ask for money from those who have more money? That seems to be what you’re arguing…

And if he hadn’t dropped the sure TD pass against the Seahawks we probably make the playoffs that year


Funny stuff.

Not so much the argument itself, just the responses are so reflective of the personalities. Having interacted with many of you for years, I can’t help but laugh at these posts. (in appreciation of the people, which is generally very difficult for a couple of you :smile: )

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To me, a contract is a contract, regardless if it’s for ten cents or ten million. Has nothing to do with who makes how much.

Nothing to take personally, CJ. Loved CJ as a player, but think this stance is weird, and very outside of my blueprint of the world.

Seems like he was gifted 2/3 instead of 3/3rds of what he could have been. Still a great fit.

Hope he comes around and drops it. Would be cool to see pics of him and Barry together, plus it feels like negative press for the team I love (i’ve seen too much of that in my 47 years).

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The millionaire has too much money already, fuk that guy. We need to give that money back to the billionaire. That makes a lot more sense. Let’s act in a way that sheds a negative light on the organization, so that the billionaire can have an extra million. Yeah, I’m totally on board. Great chit bro.

Class warfare is boring.

The Lions took back salary cap money, so that’s money that would go to other players, maybe spread out to hard-working, aspiring millionaires. Calvin keeping the dead money makes the team worse.

I care more about the team, by a lot, than $110M career earnings Calvin Johnson.

Apparently you don’t care about the Lions so much.

Show of hands. Who here has been given anything from a boss after you quit of your own free will?
Now, why the hell would a Primadonna be any different?
If he thinks he’s owed, he should sue.
The team doesn’t look bad. CJ looks like a quitter and crybaby.
Enjoy the millions you made. Sorry if you didn’t save enough, but, remember when the classes we made you sit through after we drafted you dealing with how to handle being a professional athlete? Money management was part of that class.
Nothing is guaranteed to ANYONE in this world, especially when you quit (with an attitude).
Maybe some have forgotten him saying the team was going nowhere and wasn’t worth the pain, but, I haven’t. The money was on the table. HE CHOSE NOT TO PICK IT UP. Like the Lions wouldn’t have happily paid him his full contract if he had stayed?
Hell, we’re talking Lewand and Mayhew here, folks! They probably would have renegotiated a better deal if he had wanted to stay!
As it is, he got paid to rehab 1/4 of his last 3 seasons.
Show of hands. How many of you would get paid the full amount if you were laid up for 2 or 3 months? Megatron did!
Why do you think this guy is better than you?


Great point. I forgot about the cap ramifications. So CJ didn’t just want a handout. (And mostly got one) He wanted it at the expense of his old teammates

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add to that the negative press he gave us saying how he wanted to come back but not for the Lions? Also dissed Stafford.

Yeah, I’d pay THAT guy to be an ambassador…


actually wes is a trump supporter so he feels contracts don’t mean anything.

That was a sheepish comment

Actually, that was a political statement designed to belittle and intimidate Patriots.

I remember deadstroke had a great post about this when it was first going down. Wish I could find it. I remember it convinced me that the team was in the wrong. Haven’t thought about this since.
Given Calvin’s pristine image and history of only being a good dude, it seems like an odd hill to die on for him. I’m going to hold out for more information.

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Interestingly I listened to the Pride or Detroit podcast last night and every single dude on the show was firmly on CJs side here, basically calling the Lions petty and saying it showed Quinn’s lack of experience

Can Quinn do anything about it? I know it was a Rod Wood thing when it happened.

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Because there are cap implications, the Lions chose present players (and by extension the fans) over an already disgruntled former player.

Calvin does not carry Barry’s jock in terms of greatness, IMO.


Not a good analogy. In particular because damn near everyone here is a wage cuck and not even close to the elite level at what they do as a professional athlete…in particular CJ and the people who’s decision making this might effect.

If you want to make it real for the average Joe that frequents the board, imagine retiring from your job and your boss sends you a bill for $15,000 that you have to repay the company based on bonuses and allowances you received years ago. It turns out that the company is entitled to it, although other companies in your field are also entitled to it but rarely ever go after it. You cool with that? Please say yes so I can call you a liar.

Terrible analogy because that doesn’t ever happen to the average person, most bonuses are a company policy and has nothing to do with how long you will work for a company before you retire.

What is more real worldly that compares an NFL player to the average joe is a sign on bonus. If you go to a company that will offer a sign on bonus of $5000 and you get to keep it as long as you work for them for 2 years. If you quit before those 2 years, you will have to pay a prorated portion of that sign on bonus back (every company will have language that does this). If you don’t, you will be sued for the amount you owe them back.