Cam Newton to the Pats

Normally I would assume Josh McDaniel’s would make it work…but this is a tough year to put major changes into an offense or teach a new offense to a QB

We are fortunate Matt had a year into Bevell’s offense already

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Pretty obvious choice. Where else would Newton have a guaranteed starting job? Can’t think of anywhere.

Yeah, that’s pretty cheap for a starting QB with his potential.
Heck, we’re paying Chase almost half that.

Chase is healthy. Cam, well, who knows…

Yes we get it. Quinn’s an idiot for not signing Cam. We know the same shit would come out if he signed Cam. So predictable.

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Called it months ago lol

A little late to the party, but yeah, not a hard read.

Will see how his bi-polar tendencies go over with Bill. He’s either show boating when things are good or sulking with the towel when things are bad. Who knows maybe he grows up with the patriots, but I think it’s just as likely he becomes another ocho cinco

Fair enough, but is Cam really better on script anyways.

The Pats will play good defense, let Can do his thing and win the division.

Let Bill B do his thing and win the division

Once again I was wrong…Never thought Bill would sign him but good for Cam if he can stay healthy…

I am not even sure Cam will win the starting job there. Honestly.

Cam has only has one 25+ TD season (2015). He has only broken 60+% in completions twice in his career and his QB rating has never broken 100. In 2015 he was very, very close in what was his best season.

The rating thing isn’t that big of deal. But Cam has only been in the 90s twice his whole career. In Brady’s entire career he had seasons with an under 90 QB rating (not counting his injury season). From 2001-2019. The comp. % IS a big deal though. Cam lives under 60% and Brady lives above 63% with 12 seasons being above a base line 63% comp. rate.

If the Patriots want efficiency Cam isn’t that guy. Cam does some thing well though and if they tweak the offense Cam can help them. But if they want their offense to remain close to what it was I’m not sure Cam ends up as the starter.

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Cam hasn’t had the benefit of having a quality OC for most of his career. The one season he had with Norv Turner, he played some of his best football. Cam can manage the scheme they ran in NE with the added wrinkle of making teams have to defend against him running as well. I have no doubt the coaching there will be the best he’s had in his career and they’ll maximize his potential. For the record, I don’t think Cam is a great QB, but he’s definitely the best QB on that roster and will be the starter, if he’s healthy.

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Yeah but Cam has also had a running game in his offenses, so we criticize Stafford for padding stats because he’s never had a run game but criticize Cam’s game because he’s been lucky enough to have a run game?!?!?

Cam seems like he’ll be a major locker room issue in NE if he doesn’t start. I’m assuming Bill just cuts those kind of guys.

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Stafford’s stats are impressive WITHOUT a running game! Matt has been above a 60% comp. the last six straight seasons and 7/9 seasons going back to 2011 when his career really started (first time he started 16 games).

The point is Cam just isn’t an accurate passer. The point is a good one about Turner for one season but Cam has been through a number of OCs and at this point he is who he is.

I am of the mindset that Cam is closer to being cut than starting in New England. This is a great look see for Cam to see what he has in the tank and hell…can he make a credible run at starting for them? If not, they can just cut him. Cam gets to prove he belongs as on paper his competition is weak.

I am also of the camp that the Patriots ain’t about to scrap their offense in late June because they signed Cam. I things will be roughly what they have been and Cam will have to win this job (or at least make a push) while learning a new system with new language. If Cam does that my hat is off for him.

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Cam is going to suck in NE. He is going to have an awful receiving corp and he is super inaccurate.
I’m guessing 5-11 if they play the full season.

How good does the QB need to be when the defense allowed 61 points to be scored through it’s first 8 games ? Cam could do next to nothing and be 8-0 with that team

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They scored 27+ points in 7 out of their first 8 games, so yeah…They lost 5 out of their last 8 games because the offense was complete trash and Brady had absolutely no one to throw to. Replace the greatest QB of all time with a below average passer…4 or 5 wins for the entire season.