Came here hoping this might be a good Lions message board

Unfortunately, it’s just a bunch of worthless back and forth about Stafford…
It’s a polarizing subject, I understand, but there are so many other things to talk about regarding the Lions and yesterday’s game.
Amazing that some people want to put blame on him for yesterday’s outcome.
Did you not watch the game? If the defense just plays reasonably well the last 8 minutes we win. Period. 385 yards, 3 TDs, no picks and a 24-6 lead in the 4th quarter.


Welcome aboard, @Phxlion.

You’ll find back and forth on the team’s QB in nearly every team’s boards – and literally every Detroit Lions forum.

Who got your gameballs from Sunday? Throw me some observations on the new offense.

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Just ignore those that do bash Stafford. No matter what board you are on this is the case. I still think this is the best board I’ve found.

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Welcome to the board. Yeah, me and Angry have been going at it over Stafford for a few years now. It’s a war of wills at this point.:rofl::stuck_out_tongue:
We actually get along pretty well and agree on almost everything. Nobody’s perfect, but, he’s working on it.:joy:


Ok, thanks. I know people want to talk about Stafford and QBs in general but sometimes it’s just such overkill. It’s all been said, you know?
Anyway, Adrian, to address your question, there was a lot to like about the new offense. How can you not love Hockenson and what he brought. Amendola, overall had a good game with a few questionable decisions regarding the boundaries.
I think this offense can be very good but the OLine and particularly Decker have to be better. Decker was flat out awful which is very discouraging.
People are too quick to discount anything good that happened because it was against the Cardinals. They’re an NFL team with an NFL roster playing opening day at home with the #1 pick of the draft at QB. They probably aren’t going to be very good but the Lions got their best shot and if not for taking the foot of the gas in the 4th Q it would have and should have been a comfortable win.
I think this team could be playoff caliber with the talent level but they’re going have to prove it…


There’s a couple of heavy Stafford threads to be sure but not all of them. Stay and dig a little deeper and I think you’ll find this to be the best Lions board out there. Plus the posters here are for the most part pretty collegial and the mods reasonable

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Oh, it’s definitely overkill, but, he just won’t give up!:rofl:


You’d probably be shocked to find out how little Lions football the vocal minority actually watches. But, the team laid an egg yesterday so they get to regurgitate their drivel. When the team wins, there will be more contribution from the silent majority that are still shaking their heads in disbelief over yesterday’s collapse.


Unfortunately that’s typical everywhere. For whatever reason, some people thrive on negativity…miserable way to go through life


If nothing else, yesterday’s collapse illustrated some glaring weaknesses that can be addressed. Maybe that and a tie is better than going into next week with a false sense of security

I’m also a little tired of having coaches who blunder. Schwartz throwing an illegal flag on Thanksgiving that basically lost that game. Morningweg taking the wind, now Bevell calling timeout…

Hell at this point I want Caldwell back. He may have had all the animation of a paper napkin on the sideline but the players loved him and he squeezed back to back nine win seasons out of a six win talent base

How many points did the LIons offense score in the final three quarters of the game (2nd half + OT)? Against what might be the worst team in the NFL, playing without its starting two CBs?

I’ll post that question every time someone tries to forward the, “How DARE you question Wonderful Matt’s Wonderful Performance Which Had Absolutely Nothing To Do with the Tie/Loss” thing.

Matt Stafford played pretty damn well yesterday. He did make that one atrocious decision but otherwise he was impressive especially when you consider that his blind side protector was a turnstile.


This forum is filled with good people who know football but they have differing opinions and they are somewhat passionate about it too. Guys can write what they want, but on this board I don’t think you get to personally attack another poster or troll somebody’s post and that’s good. We don’t need a discussion getting sidetracked by a a couple of posters getting into a pissing contest. So, speak your piece and see what happens. I will say one another thing, you will learn stuff about Lions football around here, guys post the news and reports almost as soon as it hits the internet or social media.

Welcome aboard!

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Everyone needs to vent after an absolutely stupid ending.
It’s probably time to turn to the positives, as someone tried to do (too soon) last night.
Personally, when I witness yet another way to blow a huge lead, I’ve been an active Lions fan for 51 years, I tend to freak out.
Judge me when you get there.:rofl:


Yeah, you’re the “guy” that’s on every board. Always being the dissenter demanding an answer. It’s an old act.
Your question is irrelevant. What is relevant is the Lions led 24-6 in the 4th Quarter. The Lions didn’t turn the ball over after that point.
The offense scored what should have been enough at that point.
I know, I know, now it’s your turn to tell me how it really is…


Look at the difference in yards to go. Favor the run on 1st down instead of the pass and it put them behind the chains in dramatic fashion.

Totally understand. I’ve been a die hard since 1970. It’s been a lot of pain but we hang in there. Nobody and I mean nobody gets more pissed when we lose and yesterday was just disgusting…

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What are we, freaking stupid?:rofl:

That’s a dumb rule.

But he did deserve it after yelling at Harbaugh “LEARN. THE. RULES”…

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Many would consider us stupid, yes. I prefer loyal