Can anyone stop the Niners and Pats

Those teams are looking about as good as any teams have looked. It will be interesting to see if the Saints or Chiefs can stand up to them.

I don’t know about the Patriots but the 49ers are a good team that’s had a incredibly easy schedule to this point. I don’t think they’re near as good as the Saints. I am way more impressed by what the Saints have done w a stopgap QB against better teams

They won all their games. The defense has played great. The offense has played well enough to win. Where are all these great teams that they should be playing? They are taking the Panthers out behind the woodshed right now.

Kyle Shanahan is easily a top 5 HC in my opinion. I can’t root for them today (playing the Panthers), but I will be rooting for them for most of the rest of the season. He’s making lemonade out of lemons as far as I’m concerned.

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Lol - we need the panther to lose baby!!! :crazy_face:

We have to pass them to get to a WC chance! :wink:

They are definitely going to lose, so that’s not an issue. But I can’t root against them. I used to live an hour away from the stadium and they are one of my adopted alternate teams to the Lions.

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The Niners are pouring it on. That defense looks elite for sure.

Can the pats play anyone good, even though I think they are great team. AFC is shit. NFC is much tougher.


Let’s hope the 9ers stay hot. If we want to get back into the wc race not only do we need tti win but we need teams to lose. They play a lot of those teams, including Carolina today

Who exactly then are all these great teams that the Pats are supposed to play if the entire AFC “is shit”? They have played 1/4 of the teams in the NFL so far.

Who is great in AFC? No one.

KC has no defense, and Mahomes is hurt
Ravens, don’t buy by then at all.
So yes AFC is shit.

Who have tge Pat’s played that have been good.

Okay. so if half the teams in the NFL are shit, then who are all these teams that are supposed to give the Pats a game? Maybe the Pats are just that much better than those teams.
So who exactly should the Pats be playing that are such great teams? I imagine you would think the Cards, Bucs, Falcons, Bears, Skins, Giants, Rams, Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers all suck too.
So I ask again, who are all these great teams that the Pats should be playing?

The Patriots have the easiest damn schedule in the league. The Niners have been impressive.


And that is the Pats fault because?..
Bitching about the schedule that another team plays is about the same as bitching on here because the Lions didn’t win impressively enough.


Lions can when healthy.
Chiefs can.
Saints can.


Well, then the league should just dissolve the other AFC teams so the Pats don’t have to play such rubbish every game. The league should also use a flex scheduling format, so they would make the Pats play either the Chiefs, Saints, or Lions (when healthy) every weekend.

Let me add Baltimore

I’m with you , man. I think the saints trounce them.

Yes. The Bills are good. They’re up and coming, too. They remind me of our team in ways.

Its not the Pats “fault”. It just is what it is. And I’m not impressed by it like some.

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Again who can challenge the Pats in AFC?
And who can with the 49ers?
Pat’s are way better then any team in AFC, it’s a cake walk to SB.
Infact AFC is a cake walk, and has been for ever.