Can you imagine if Saints get the "Green Bay treatment" from the refs this weekend?

I know people deeply immersed in the Saints fan base. They already have molotov cocktails in their hands ready for the NFL offices over getting screwed out of the Brady-Brees Super Bowl.

Can you imagine if the NFL once again lifts up their darlings in Green Bay through the refs? Or, for that matter, jobs the Saints again?

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For the first time in a long time I am betting against the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl

I think both the Chiefs and Ravens can knock them out


I hope they do. It’ll serve the league right.
Anybody that has watched Green Bay this season knows they are a fraud. Oh sure, they have Erin, and Adams, but, the refs gifted them 4 games by my count.
They are NOT legit division winners and probably would not even be in the playoffs if not for their MVP (the refs).


Well put, brother!

Saints are averaging 36 ppg over the last 7 games, 40 ppg over the last 4. They scored 46 vs SF, I just don’t see who is going to stop them no matter what the refs do.


Dude, the refs can swing the momentum anytime they like. That’s just a fact. Any Lions fan that doesn’t know that, is living in Fantasyland.

Wouldn’t surprise me if TN beats them… Or Buffalo if for some unforeseen way they end up playing each other.

In the playoff prediction thread I picked NE to beat Ten but for the packers to beat NO off of ref help too … lol

Well I got half wrong so far

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Yea I had NE winning tonight also

I don’t see the Saints beating GB in Lambeau in January.

So far the refs seem to be pretty fair, but that’s often the case in the playoffs. All of the leagues favorite teams gathered together, so a little harder to show favoritism