Cards GM Steve Keim still hasn't spoken with Josh Rosen


That’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

He was told he’d be traded by Kliff Kingsbury just a minute or two before they made the pick.


Bush league management. Like I said before, Keim will be gone within 2 years.


Keim doesn’t owe Josh Rosen anything. Now, if he trades or cuts Patrick Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, etc I think he owes them a personal call.


Eeeesh. Unhappy dudes = unmotivated dudes. They could build a big ol’ mess out there.


I guess, but it comes off as poor form to be sure.


Is he able to contact him at this point? Or would that not constitute “tampering” unless they are referring a blanket thanks for being part of the organization and we wish you well in future endeavors.

Legitimately asking as it doesn’t seem to take much On occasion


While I agree that he isn’t owed anything, I believe that if you are a FA looking to join their organization you took notice. Too bad for Rosen, he left the worst OL in the league to go to the second worst. This is text book for how you ruin a career.


Why, because he’s a QB he should get special treatment? The GM doesn’t owe every single player he trades or cuts a personal phone call. Now, when you make a move with a vet who’s contributed to the organization over a period of time, I believe the GM owes that player something. I believe that was the rub Steve Smith had with the way his time ended in Carolina. He tried to talk to the GM and the GM avoided him. I believe that was Dave Gettleman.


I think Rosen was always going to be a bust. I never understood the hype train on the kid until I watched his high school game film. He looked like a damn pro QB playing in high school. After that I kind of understood why some people had such high hopes for him going forward, but sometimes you just need to let the college game film and personality issues be what they are. He throws a damn pretty ball and belongs in the league, but I can’t see him ever being a franchise QB.


Where the hell did you get that idea?

I didn’t bring his position into this once.


Good breakdown of Rosen with several plays vs the Lions…


Thanks for posting that. They talked about how bad his offensive line was. Go back and look around the 11 minute mark. Not only do we get pressure with only a 3 man rush…the guy who got the pressure actually FELL DOWN…got back up and got pressure on him. That’s embarrassing!