Carolina sticking with Cam, Burrow to Cincy, Brady and NE and other stories from the combine

I’ll drop a few story lines that are coming out of Indy.

I wonder if this could hurt his stock? I hope the kid is an option for us in round 4.

Rumors on Jacob Eason being a top 15 pick.

For me it’s Herbert or Eason has been my stance since day one…The tools they posses , not the NFL readiness . These attributes do not grow on trees

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I found this nugget interesting. One of the changes made this year. Makes it harder for agents to prep the player before the team.

This reply is funny.

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Waiting for the first athlete to make a public comment about questions asked …

What would you do if you caught a teammate staring you down while in the shower as if if you were an Ice Cream cone?


Is that the question Michael Sam responded to and said “get a Chubby”?

Are you Jewish?

Juedy probably will get a little heat for this.

It’s funny. My man wears a necklace with the star of David because people call him Jeu for short. “I’m not Jewish, though”. LOL

I kinda thought it was harmless and funny. But in today’s society people are going to be offended by it.

Totally harmless but you’re right someone will probably take offense.

Yep he’s already apologizing for it.

Do you believe him?

All the Jewish people I’ve seen that care about football enough to know who he is find this hilarious.

If it drops him to our second pick I hope people get all bent

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Eason has some of the worst pocket presence I’ve ever seen in a college QB. The team that drafts him in the top 15 is going to regret it terribly.

I like Bruce but this one is funny.

I wonder what the tape says on Winston?
Is he an NFL QB or isn’t he?

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To be fair, substitute that with something else and see how totally harmless it would be. White dude wearing one of the Africa necklaces, well my name is Ken, so they started calling me the Kenyan and I thought it would be funny to sport this baby… Yeah… I’m sure no one would take issue with that, just fun and all…

I wouldn’t have a problem with that either. I get that people will be outraged but if my white buddy was called Kenya so he got a necklace of Kenya I wouldn’t find that to be racist.

I totally get why he apologized but I really think that it was fun loving. I don’t think Jerry had an ounce of malice in his heart in doing that.

Oh I’m sure on JJ. But intent doesn’t really matter than much anymore to the outrage machine forever searching for something to be offended about. I’ll say this, I went down the rabbit hole of Geoff Schwartz’ Twitter feed and there is some funny shit, plus one of the most amazing trick basketball shots I’ve ever seen!