Case Keenum for backup QB?

John Niyo suggests it in an article in the Detroit News this morning regarding FAs:

Keenum, who played last season in Washington on a $3.5 million salary, might also make sense. He has 62 starts under his belt, has completed 62.4 percent of his passes during his career with 75 touchdowns to 47 interceptions. That would be the most reliable performer the Lions would have had behind Stafford since Shaun Hill.

Personally, I like the idea.

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I like Keenum or Mariota

Both have a playoff win under their belts as well. :wink:

I would be for this. The nod would have to be Case. But Mariota would bring another dimension with his legs.

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Yeah, it’s way beyond time for us to have a viable back up QB. Someone who has won games in this league and wouldn’t be an immediate end to our season if Stafford gets hurt again. The trash we sent out last year and the years prior was criminal on our GMs part. If we had a team that was borderline playoff caliber, guys like Keenum and MM could keep our season alive for a month or so if our starter went down. It’s time our idiot GM stops ignoring the most important position in sports.


I like Keenum and he played in the NFCN and for the Vikes. So he has a leg up on how to exploit their defense.


A good veteran backup brings a lot to the table in practice, film study and game preparation. I wish we had one

Unfortunately I think BQ will go cheap at backup QB once again.

There seems to be a case Cassie :upside_down_face:

Stanton! (ducks before people throw tings)

So you want him to blow $10 million on a backup because you’re scared Stafford is going to get hurt again?

Let’s face it, backup QB is the most overrated position in the NFL (close to backup goalie in NHL). There has always been a steep dropoff of starters to backups, some teams can be successful by having a solid team in front of them covering the warts of the backup QB.

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Been saying this all off-season. Mariotta is OK, especially if you do a planned reboot w/o Matt after 2020 or 21

its not about blowing 10 mill on a back up QB. No one said they wanted to spend that much. Back ups don’t make that kind of money. If CK was willing to except a back up position somewhere for let’s say 3-5 mill somewhere, why not here? Is the way I read it.

Teams know it’s a possibility that if their starter goes down, they want someone that can lead them to wins instead of being in the L column.
We haven’t had confidence in our back up since Shawn Hill. We have just excepted these unknowns for far to long. It’s time to get some experience vet behind Staf is all. So let’s spend a little more on a QB that can compete.

I bet the Saints would disagree with you.

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I’ll disagree and hockey goalie is bad comparison. Their roles aren’t very different.

A good back up QB helps in film study and game preparation.

A lot of NFL teams carry a quality back up QB and you don’t have to pay 10 mil to get one. You can get one for a fraction of that.

Ryan Fitzpatrick made 5.5 mil last year.
Ryan Tannehill made only 2 mil.

We paid Driskel 720K, Sloter 690k, and Blough 591K - id have gladly traded all 3 for Tannehill.

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And how well is their offense and offense schemes? It would be safe to say that they rank far above the Lions.

I think people would have went apeshit if they signed a backup at 5 mill per year. And please Tannehill was a throw away QB last year, don’t give me that BS. But that’s what people with no foresight do, they rewind the past and use the same scenario as if it would be fact in another situation.

I wouldn’t sign a higher priced backup just for the fear of my starter is going down. More than likely you are screwed unless your entire team is already awesome. You live in fear, I do not.

No, I’d rather roll the dice that when Stafford gets hurt, we go winless again, because we put hot juicy garbage behind him while sitting on 20 million of unspent monies. Which way looks smarter to you? Saving money and not spending it while putting less than CFL talent at the most important position? Or putting a viable back up in place for your QB who brooke his back 2 years in a row??? Gee tough decision.

Totally agree that they go cheap again. There are 2 ways that staffs get extended in bad seasons. One is to take a QB in the first round and start them. The second is to blame loses on injuries. Having a competent backup is not in their interest.

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and eagles :slight_smile:

Adam Schefter


Browns reached agreement with former Redskins’ QB Case Keenum on a three-year, $18 million deal that includes $10 million guaranteed, per source.

Well, Shit.

Dayum. 3 years, $18 mil. For a QB2? Some serious jack flyin’ around out there.