CB Henderson likely top 10

Matt Miller


Making scout calls this morning and I am very glad I didn’t move off CJ Henderson. He’ll go top 16 but I’ve heard from teams that have him higher than Jeff Okudah. Consensus Top 10 player.

After trading Jalen Ramsey and Jacksonville needs a CB. They presently have former Lions Rashaan Melvin and DJ Hayden listed as starters on the depth chart. Henderson may be a lock for No. 9 overall.


This doesn’t surprise me, he’s faster and twitchier than Okudah, they’re both the same size. Neither are elite IMO, Henderson played against better competition too.


Why don’t you think Okudah is elite? It would’ve been difficult for him to play much better in ‘19.

I think they’re close in terms of coverage abilities. Okudah is a much more we’ll rounded cornerback though.

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Henderson isn’t a great man cover corner. He isn’t very physical and he doesn’t tackle well. He isn’t a great fit for our scheme. He’d play much better for a team that plays more zone and off man. Okudah is a perfect match for what we do. If you are grading their skills for what we do… Okudah is light years ahead. Maybe some of these people saying Henderson is grading high… are from the teams that won’t play press or ask them to tackle. That’s really the only way that is possible.

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Much like Greedy Williams last year, so-called “pure cover” CBs who have an allergy to tackling won’t be of much interest to this Lions defensive coaching staff.


Most of this is completely wrong… Like, not even close. Are you confusing him with another player?

He’s a willing tackler, he’s just not very good at it. I agree about Greedy, he didn’t even make the effort

He doesn’t generate turnovers, that’s my biggest knock on him.

Jalen Ramsey moves to CB his Junior year and then produced 0 interceptions that year

He played CB his freshman year along with FS, actually started game 1 for FSU at outside corner. He was a 5 star recruit as a receiver and cornerback, there was zero concern about his ability to play the ball in the air.

They can move-up to pick 3 overall and have Okudah!

So how many interceptions did Ramsey have while playing cornerback? I think the answer is zero but it’s at most one. Okudah had three this last year. From what I understand Okudah played WR his junior year of high school. Not that I feel that matters all that much.

I don’t think the scouting community has concerns about Okudah’s ability to play the hall in the air.

Sorry but in no universe does Henderson get chosen over Okudah. His coverage ability and 40 time is really good. I’ve taken him in TD mocks. But Okudah is the superior prospect period. Hard to get picks when the ball gets thrown elsewhere because no one wants to test you, or the guy you are covering are blanketed. So low TO’s with elite CB prospects is nothing new.