CB Mike Ford rises to the occasion

On Sunday, Hardman saw the field 44 times — 27 times on the outside (sometimes still bunched close), nine times in the slot and eight times he was put in motion pre-snap — and every snap, regardless of where he lined up, he saw Ford standing directly across from him.

On those 44 snaps, Hardman only managed two catches for nine yards, as he was blanketed by Ford.

Ford spent an additional seven snaps in man coverage, lining up over Watkins, tight end Blake Bell and tight end Deon Yelder. Ford didn’t allow any receptions on these snaps.


I hated this guy last year. And in the preseason. I thought he was worse than Tabor. At least Tabor looked like he was in position most of the time. But…

He’s played really, really well so far this year.

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The whole secondary played well… They’ve been the best unit on the team 4 games into the season.


PP has done a good job. Well coached unit. :laughing:

The defense is playing very solid football. We need to get our linemen back healthy. The line is gassed in the 4th quarter of every game.


Love that Ford has stepped up. During camp and preseason he was a ghost in the reports. Tabor was getting all of the pub. It’s great to see him build upon what he started last year as an UDFA.


I was saying this yesterday - whoever is coaching our secondary deserves a raise! 20 years from now, sitting with your grandkids watching NFL, when they are talking about the Patricia coaching tree.

I just hope it’s not a WWF flag football league by then.


I think we have great defensive teachers.
PP has spent most of his life coaching college kids and MP seems to be a great teacher as well.

That’s the scary thing. Our defense (with health) is just going to get better as the season wears on.

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The difference between him now and in the pre-season is amazing. I don’t think he made our initial 53, did he? Anyway, this makes me see more and more that PS is just not a good barometer of …anything!

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UFA signing last season. He did very well on special teams and filled in nicely. He’s taking huge steps this season! Very solid depth and may be able to get some very good assets for him in the future.

Maybe the brass would be fine with him if Slay ever departs.