CB Pierre Desir available

Heading into 2019, he had apparently played pretty well:

In 2019, a step back:

Seems like a strange move by the Colts, his numbers don’t look that bad. Getting another CB starter wouldn’t be a bad idea, leaves the Lions more open to a trade down for Simmons or Brown. Assuming Okudah is gone, which means the Lions might be willing to drop further than 5 or 6.

I want another starting cb

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He only has a 58.8 pff grade last year. Not a great year. But he is strong against the run, and somewhat of a play maker. (3 int in 2019)

Not sure how I feel about this one. By looking at the stats, he seems to be a streaky player.

I do as well. But if we are to get one, I am hoping for Okudah. If we are not going Okudah, then would like to work out details for Logan Ryan. (which he is still available)

I prefer not drafting a CB in round one. Logan Ryan is a ex Patriot that I would bitch about

I want another QUALITY starting caliber CB.

I do as well but I also believe that we lack top end talent in our DB’s now that Slay is gone.

It almost feels like we have to take a CB early in this draft.

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I am with you Air. I will use Mcflys response. If we don’t get him in FA, and we don’t get 1 early in the draft I will bitch. Either way people won’t be happy. Go figure.

Getting a CB in free agency allows us to do whatever we want. And we could still take him in round one.

Prince Amukamara is a corner that I would love to grab up on a 2 year deal …Solid corner who is an easy #2 corner and solid insurance policy with or without Okudah at #3 …Would be fine by me with Trufant and Prince starting with Chase Young at #3 …


I am hoping for a trade down from 3 because I don’t think Okudah is good value there. If we miss on Okudah than in ok with it.

Then I could see us going CB round two or us trading up into late round one for a CB like Henderson.

Or the long shot of trading down multiple times from 3 and taking a guy like Henderson and then using some of those extra picks to move back up into round one.

A lot of injuries last season, plus 29 years old: