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  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow | QB | R-Sr. | LSU
  2. Washington Redskins: Chase Young | DE | Jr. | Ohio State
  3. Detroit Lions: Jedrick Wills Jr. | OT | Jr. | Alabama
  4. New York Giants: Andrew Thomas | OT | Jr. | Georgia
  5. Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa | QB | Jr. | Alabama
  6. Los Angeles Chargers: Derrick Brown | DT | Sr. | Auburn
  7. Carolina Panthers: Jeff Okudah | CB | Jr. | Ohio State
  8. Arizona Cardinals: Isaiah Simmons | S | R-Jr. | Clemson
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars: A.J. Epenesa | DE | Jr. | Iowa
  10. Cleveland Browns: Tristan Wirfs | OT | Jr. | Iowa





PROS: Dominant functional strength that shows up in a big way when run blocking. Generates tremendous movement and he knows how to maximize his power by rolling his hips through contact. Outstanding ability to find leverage points on his opponents and exploit them. Hands are heavy and his anchor is stout. Does well to fit his hands and his grip strength is unbreakable. Punches with excellent placement and timing. There is no going through him as a bull rusher or condensing his gap when drive blocking. Like the overall bend and posture that he plays with - leads to good balance and control. Sets a wide base in pass pro and does well to vary his strikes. Footwork in pass protection is polished. Reaches his set points and patiently mirrors. Almost never drawn out of his set and he stays square at a high level. Frames rushers with ease. Takes good angles releasing into space and his punch is devastating to second level defenders in pursuit. Executes with a finisher’s mentality and he fits the mauler, road-grader labels. Has tremendous awareness in pass protection and his overall timing is precise when fulfilling his assignments.

CONS: Foot speed is outstanding for his size but he wins more with technique than springy footwork. Hand carriage has a tendency to get a touch low. Has played exclusively on the right side and a transition to left tackle if needed is an unknown.

BEST TRAIT - Pass Protection

WORST TRAIT - Can he play LT? Probably, but it’s unknown.


NFL COMP - Jason Peters

A two-year starter for Alabama, Wills enters the NFL with 28 career starts and developed into a polished blocker over career. Wills is a refined pass blocker with exceptional technique, mobility, power and body control that makes him a dominant performer in pass protection. As a run blocker, Wills has tremendous functional strength and a maulers mentality to create vertical push and work angles in the run game. While he’s developed wonderfully at right tackle, there is no reason to believe he could not transition to the left side if needed. Wills is a blue chip talent and plug and play starter in the NFL. He has the upside to become one of the top offensive tackles in the league by Year Three.

Well if we did that I’ll be crappy my Thursday night pants in a bad way. Why not trade down?

There is no way Patricia is going to pass on Brown for an OT unless he solves that in FA.

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That would be an awful choice.

That’s extremely high for a RT but it feels like a BQ draft pick too.

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Okay, I was wrong. They can fuck up the 3rd pick.


A right tackle, that is not even known if he could play the left side, over the best LT, DT, CB in the draft, or even trade down to 7 or 8 and still draft the kid.

Good thing people are just putting positions with team needs right now

Unfortunately I think that’s how Quinn approaches the draft

And we read the next day that Quinn was twirling his bat nervously hoping Wills fell to number three

Quinn does not draft BPA, but that does not mean he doesn’t understand positional value. Positional values have changed, but they should be broken down like this:

  1. QB
  2. DT/DE
  3. OT/Rush LB
  4. CB/WR

There are always exceptions depending on how extreme the talent. A truly unique RB is always a difference making position, but generally doesn’t get the bump today. This is why Quinn will not pass on Brown for an OT.

how do you explain Hockenson then? You can’t tell me TE was the biggest need they had.

Or drafting a LS when you have the legendary Mule on your roster?

I don’t really blame them for looking at a cheaper option. I think using a 6th round pick on a LS is not the best thing to do, but it is a 6th round pick, pfft.

The Patriots always targeted certain players and then tried to get picks where they would be available. Hockenson was a good pick. I expect big things out of him.

Picking the LS was a rookie move to prove he values every spot and he thought he could replace the salary of Mule. It wasn’t different from his taking of Tabor in the 2nd, just trying to be too cute. Neither guy would have been taken before their next pick or at all for the LS. Quinn and Patricia are first timers at their positions and you expect some growing pains. If they don’t show they are growing, it is time to move on. Quinn has shown to be decent at the draft, solid in the Snacks trade and OK in FA. His drafts have been stronger at the lower spots than up top.

I personally do believe BPA is the best way to draft at the top of any draft. There will be business concerns that override certain picks as under the cap you can only have so much money at certain positions. What you never do IMO is pass up an elite talent to fill a hole.

The Lions will get a top talent at a position of need:

DT - Brown
DE - Young
CB - Okudah
LB - Simmons
WR - Jeudy

All are need positions and FA will determine where they go.

Hockenson is a talented player, a good player, I’m glad we have him & hope he earns his Draft Slot which he wont as no TE should be drafted top 10 …

Hockenson a TE at #8 was horrible pick. What would an Ed Oliver or Devin Bush meant to this team or more in 2020 with our same glaring weaknesses still staring us in the face.

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Time will tell how Hockenson stacks up. I am not a fan of taking a TE that high in the draft. In a weak draft like last year I would opt for a safe pick over a risky “upside” pick. Saying that he may have had the highest floor of all the players available. If they didn’t like Oliver for their defense or felt Bush was that impactful, it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to miss on a high pick because of CYA. I have liked everything I have seen in Hockenson so far!

I like Hockensen as well , his 2019 play was okay , not the dominating run blocker he was labeled and Pass Pro was just okay as well …He will get better no doubt . You look at Ebron and what he was scheduled to make under the 5th year option, it’s what made him not a Lion for better or for worse the choice was made because the cost did not line up , he would have been the 2nd highest paid TE in the league under the option . Look at Decker, I like him more than most and think he will get better if he stays healthy and his 5th year option makes him a keeper, at 10 Mill for 2020 Decker will be the 16th highest paid LT , the value is in the position …and TE is not one of value .