CBS: Tavai was Detroit's best pick



Eh, using the word “explodes” on a LB who doesn’t break 5 sec’s in the forty seems a little rich. And calling Montgomery the best pick by the Bears is absolutely ridiculous, he will be lucky to run for the yards that Howard got. He is a better pass catcher but please, trading one for the other is mostly a lateral move. Didn’t read most of them but Tavai better wow for where we drafted him, or he’s just Tabor part deux,


Here is my question. How much of that slower timed speed was due to his shoulder injury?
It’s hard to sprint if you can’t swing your arms.
Does he play a lot faster than he straight line sprints?


Looking at a couple of sites that estimated his times prior to the combine or pro day, he was at a hi of 4.79 and a low of 4.97. He actually ran a 4.86 at his pro day, not sure where I read the 5 sec one but 4.86 is correct. I wasn’t a fan of the pick and remain skeptical.


Right, I hear you. I guess his advantage is being really smart. It takes him less time to read and react. That may take a second off his real world sprint during play time.


I remember C Spielman dropping into the second round because he ran a 4.90 forty. Im not suggesting Tavai is a C Spielman, what i am suggesting is that forty times only mean so much.


If Tavai doesn’t work out, the only 40 I’ll be worried about is to drown my sorrows with. :beer: :beers:


If he doesnt workout, I’ll be first in line at the tomato toss.


I’ll be the one scalping tickets for the event outside. :sunglasses:


By contrast, we have Davis who reacts to the snap faster than anyone on the field, but has no idea where to go. LOL


LOL. I thought Davis made nice strides toward the end of the season.

My hope for the flyin’ Hawaiin is that he plays faster in pads than most. I was pretty slow in track, but still could catch some of those cats with football pads on, back in high school. Game speed is different than combine speed. I’m with you guys i the skepticism on this pick, but hoping for the best.


Yeah, he actually did start to come on a bit. I might take the occasional shot at Davis, but I’m not ready to give up. Still, it’s pretty noteworthy when the GM makes comments like that.


Warning! Warning! This is the exact argument that was used regarding Teez Tabor’s lack of speed.


I mean, they’re both valid points and arguments. It just turned out Tabor was slow either way.


This is where I’m at, too. Though I do contend that this is likely his make or break year.


well I think MP knows how to use Davis best. He seems to shine when being used as a blitzer to at least pressure the oline/rb/qb even if he doesn’t get there.


You’re right but at the same time I do believe there’s an expectation to get more out of him or for him to be a more aware, reliable component.


The Tavai pick will allow Davis to play outside more where he’ll be more effective.