Chance for both in SB to be WC teams

Wow - if the Seahawks win

Both championship games will have a WC team playing

History possible in the makings?!

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Seattle has a chance to knock off GB and win in SF. A small one. No one will stop the Chiefs path of destruction.

TEN is looking pretty tough and Andy Reid has a history of getting out coached in the playoffs.

I now want history to be made!

Both conferences being repped by a WC team!

Like a poor mans SB!!

I agree. I see Andy pulling a real Andy this year.

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So we need Andy to be Dandy?! :crazy_face:

Playoff record since '93:

KC: 2 - 10
Det: 0 - 8

Just something to gnaw on. Granted, I’m rooting for KC to win it all. Just found this interesting.

KC needs to lock Andy in the locker room before the game

This couldn’t hurt…