Chargers Fire OC Ken Whisenhunt

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And to think I wanted him instead of Caldwell. Neither was a game changer, but hired the better of the two. Which isn’t saying much.


Ken completely overestimated his abilities when he took over the Tennessee job. I said it at the time that it was a bad fit.

I say it all the time - know thy self honestly!!

Everyone want the HC as it validates thier ego. We live where success in more important than substance…

Not everyone is made to be a HC as Josh Daniels found out

And then you have fank Reich who quietly and humbly walked in and has been kicking ass

Like Bevell… he’s one of the to five OCs and he know it’s amd is content…

I always thought the Whiz was overrated and argued this point when we were looking to hire him. Personally I think we dodge a bullet. He’s known for his ego and unwillingness to change. His only success came when he actually listened to Warner after a dismal start. Personally I think Kurt Warner made him look much better than he was.

He is definitely underwhelming on offense. With the talent they have they should definitely be scoring more than they do.