Chargers going forward with Tyrod Taylor

Fully expect them to draft a QB

Had anyone told the Chargers that Cam Newton is on the trade block? Former MVP Cam Newton.

Someone send them the link…

SB MVP Joe Flacco will be available soon… that is until Belichick signs him.

I want the Chargers to trade up with us, so don’t tell them nothin’. I doubt this signing means they won’t go after a QB in rd 1.

They didn’t sign anyone…

Good news for a potential trade down. One more hurdle to clear with Miami staying away from Newton and the trade down market will be open.

I bet Newton finds him self with NE. Even though they have no money.

Imagine going to work and seeing a complete stranger holding a giant cut out picture of your face.

I wouldn’t know whether to be happy or kinda freaked out.

Cam’s shoulder is jacked and he was never that impressive as a passer anyway. Now that he’s damaged goods and afraid of contact, I wouldn’t want him for more than middle of the road back up salary. I’d be surprised if he was still in the league in 2 years.

Foles to the Bears opens JAX to tradesmen scenarios at 3 and 5