Chargers not buying the Dolphins smokescreen?

Meh, not really a fan and kind of wonder if this article is being written because he’s from Detroit. Would more then likely be a 1 year rental as he’s probably going to want more then we think he’s worth. Go with the draft capital. Again this is just my opinion and I could totally be wrong, but I just can’t see this happening.

I’d take King and #6 for #3 if CY is off the board. He’ll need a new deal, so what, we have the cap space… Grab Kinlaw at 6 and I’m thrilled

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I like this if we resign King. He’s young, lots of years left, and we can trade back from 6 for more picks hopefully, or take the top defensive player left.

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How good is King on the outside? Anyone have access to split? I know he’s a stud in the slot but I think we’re fairly solid there.

What did we get for Slay in his walk year? I want this guy and 6 and a 5th.


Definitely want a their sixth pick and their second rounder as well at least.

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Has to be sign an trade for 6 an second rd pick

He played 100 snaps on the outside in 2018, here’s a piece from an article during the 2018 season…

But don’t call him just a slot corner. King believes if given the opportunity he could be just as effective covering on the perimeter.

“I feel like playing inside is harder than playing outside, honestly, because it’s a two-way go on you,” King said. “A lot of people say you have to have the size or speed to play on the outside as a corner, but anybody can play outside more.”

He’s a Detroit kid so I think we’d have a shot to resign him

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I agree. Need their 6 and 37 as well. Probably at least their 4th as well.

If we value him like Slay trade value wise, 6, 37, 112 and King is the equivalent of 2290 on the trade value chart. Perhaps King should be valued more than Slay on account of age and the fact that we may be able to resign him in the 12m range, but I don’t think he should be valued much beyond what we got for Slay. I still think the Dolphins can do better. Likely the Chargers would have to give up a first or second in ‘21 as well if they’re really competing with the Dolphins.

Make it 6, 37, King and Tillery and I wouldn’t even pick up Miami’s phone calls.

For those who bashed Okudah’s 40 time… His is pretty identical to Desmond King’s

I think the injury risk factor for Tua lowers the trade value of the pick
I think you’re going to be disappointed by whatever trade value we get
Haven’t looked close enough to make a guess, but I think much less than you’re laying out

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The rumor suggests King plus draft picks (plural), so I’d have to think we’re looking at No 6 overall, King, and another pick. If the Lions are able to sign reach an agreement in principle with King, Okudah becomes unnecessary. Either that or the Lions draft Okudah, eat the balance of the Coleman contract after 2020 and take the $6M cap hit, and move King into the slot.

Food for thought:

In the last three drafts, Seattle GM John Schneider has made 26 trades, Chargers GM Tom Telesco one.

The Chargers thought so much of Desmond King that they went out and signed Chris Harris over extending him. I am not sure what that says but it certainly says something about King. Either high contract demands, or he isn’t as good as he thinks he is or there is a scheme issue and so on. But something doesn’t add up here.

It could also be that the Chargers KNOW they have to trade up to get a QB and they KNEW King would be a part of any trade? That seems like too many moving pieces for that to be a real strategy. Certainly not a smart strategy.

I like this fella but as a one year rental guy hos value is kind of low without an extension and a draft day trade for him without an extension worked out doesn’t seem smart.

I guess the Lions could be working on that right now in case something here gets done? The Chargers don’t have a ton of chips to get a deal done though. Would I take King, their #6 and their second rounder in 2020 as well as a maybe 1st in 2021? I think I might.

If the Chargers really want to move up than I think they can find a way. This article shows just one way they can make it happen.


I would for sure if Young isn’t there, and we get no other offers. but would want their 2nd too if they are in a bidding war with Miami. Or Miami uses #18. I would love to see who is still there at #18.

It’s not a good idea to compare pro day and combine 40 times. A 4.51 in a pro day is typically akin to a 4.6 something at the combine. The fact that King didn’t run at the combine likely means that he and his advisors were concerned with how he’d test.

Not that it matters anymore. He’s clearly a good NFL CB.

My comment was to bring up Okudah’s stock, not to bring King/Okudah’s down. Also, don’t see the facts supporting a tenth of a drop in time.