Chargers our best bet for a trade down

They’re moving into that new stadium, they have to make a splash. Tua’s a big name, west coast kid (sort of) and makes them relevant. He gives them hope for the future. Rivers is past it. I think they come after him hard. Of course we’ll play the Phins and Chargers off of each other, but my hunch is LAC offers us more.

Bolts like Hebert from Oregon more…More Oregon fan base in So Ca, too…

Something about Oregon QBs gives me ptsd


Miami as well …If Burrows goes #1 and not Herbert …Herbert is the prize at #3 and Tua is the failing gamble or lottery pick a little further down .

I have no doubt Herbert is drafted before Tua and to me should be drafted before Burrows .

I firmly believe Quinn will NOT make a trade down deal, because he’ll be asking too much for a team everybody knows won’t take a QB.

Their love and commitment towards Stafford negatively affects their trade potential.

Music helps with PTSD. In your particular case, I’d avoid listening to Piano Man however.

He may ask for too much, we don’t know… It doesn’t matter if we’re unwilling to take a QB, what matters is someone may trade up to take a QB. Tampa may also be in the market, depending on what Arians wants to do with Winston.

Washington will look to trade down I suspect. So teams who want their QB will have to negotiate with them first. A team will not trade up with us first only to see Washington trade #2 to a team also looking for a QB.

If we do make a trade I think it will be when we’re on the clock only after #2 pick has been made by Washington or whomever. I mean Phins offer to us would be just as good for DC. They fall back to 5 and still get one of the DT, LT or CB.

There are so, so many examples of ‘looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane’ QBs over the years: Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden, Jeff George, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Josh Freeman, Dan McGwire, Josh Rosen, Paxton Lynch, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Blake Bortles, EJ Manuel, RGIII, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Brady Quinn, on and on.

I believe you are right that Herbert will get drafted highly (though not necessarily before Tua), but I think he’s another name to add to that list.

For the purposes of this thread, though, it doesn’t matter who LAC wants, as long as they pay a ransom to move up.

We’re on the same page with Justin. GREAT kid though. I am going to root for him, I just don’t see the light bulb suddenly going on in the pros

I’m not pretending Herbert is a finished product , hell he is still only 21 years old and will be until right before the draft. He is not a kid I start day one in the NFL and really he is just not ready. It’s the talent, it’s the tools he has , the cannon, the build, athleticism, smarts, the person he is as well , choosing to go back when he was a top 10 pick in 2018 and get the degree and finish business on the field is admirable …
Herbert is the reason they won 12 games this year , the offense/system did him no favors as far as development goes , progressions and reading defenses etc …

He is a perfect candidate to sit behind a Rivers , Stafford or Carr for a season and get coached up. The investment though will be steep and for that I think that rules us out for sure with Quinn and Patrica likely in win now mode.
Herbert to me is the best overall prospect at QB that is not saying he the QB that will deliver immediately day one…

just a thought–do you think the lion’s should persue winston for a back up–if the price isn’t outrageous

My guy in this draft who I would take a late ed flyer on is case cookus qb from northern Arizona. He looks like a fun late rd developmental type

Winston just threw for 5000 yards, he thinks his value is higher than it probably is… I don’t think he signs for anything less than 20 million a year. I don’t think a backup position is in the cards for him

Reports are that Winston is looking for 30 million dollars a year range. Hard pass

I know what he wants, but I don’t think that’s what he’ll get

I agree 100% but just wanted to add context to the fact that he’s going to seek high-end starter money not backup money. And in my opinion 20 million dollars for a backup is way too much anyway. I don’t think there would be much debate from anyone on this site on that point.

Trading down to Miami or SD will still give the Lions an impact talent. They might even luck into still getting DT Brown after the TD scenario, but would certainly get Brown, Simmons, Okudah or Jeudy. The key is whether Young actually grades out high enough to reject a TD scenario.

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