*Chargers v Raiders Game Thread*

Just in case anyone else is watching this. Raiders have 3 interceptions so far, even though only 2 of them counted.

Maybe I’m missing where I’m supposed to be looking. I did not see someone lined offsides on that interception.

I just hope the Chargers can score 60+ points or we’ll have a poster blaming their offense.

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I just hope whichever team wants to win this game, they make sure to be up by several scores to be ready for game changing calls. I mean, if they get effected by game changing calls, that’s their fault for not being far enough ahead when they happened.

Eastern Michigan’s Maxx Crosby is putting on a show.

That was a nice little run.:smiley:

I thought you were done with the NFL? Guess I’m on my island all by myself :laughing:

I have a new mindset. It’s the best “entertainment” on Thursday night.
It is what it is. They don’t claim to be a legit “sport”, in fact, they fought it in court and won. They are entertainment.

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Great SOL collapse by the Bolts…

I still believe in today’s environments of all the new legal gambling throughout the country and more and more States legalizing Sports gambling that legal action could be won on behalf of consumer protections of Integrity of the sport. And I think that the NFL reputation would be damaged Beyond repair if they were forced to admit that winners and losers are even sometimes predetermined even though it’s become clearer and clearer that’s true in the NFL and has been true in the NBA for some time.


We have the right to change our mind … wait! No we don’t… dam… yes we do… argh!! f-it I’m gone!’ :crazy_face:

Honestly, I caught about 1/2 of the 4th quarter. Got new songs going into the song list I was working on most of the evening.
I had almost forgotten what a rock n roll band Fleetwood Mac were in the early Buckingham Nick’s era.
Check out “Rhiannon live 76”. I didn’t want to do that song. Now I’m chomping at the bit!
Nikki’s Fix will show you some “entertainment”!