Charles Rogers Passes at 38

So sad to hear. Prayers for his family.

So sad.

Horrible news. I hate to speculate but wonder if this another casualty of the opiod crisis. Whether it is or not we as a society have to address that issue ASAP

RIP brother

Such a sad story. RIP

Uuuugh, just brutal. RIP, Charles.


Though it seems forever ago we drafted him, he wasn’t even 40 yet. Sad indeed.

may you and your family know peace. you didn’t deserve to go, especially that early RIP.

Opiod abuse is a big problem and definitely needs to be addressed and thankfully it seems like they are starting to.

That said, I think CRog probably found ways to destroy himself beyond abusing prescription drugs. But they could easily be in the mix of ways he destroyed himself.

In any event, this is a very sad situation and a huge waste. Prayers going up for the people that cared about CRog and loved him.

Damn… R.I.P.

Not sure why people feel the need to bring up opioid addiction. Did he struggle with that? I hear Charles had cancer and needed a liver transplant.

Didn’t realize he has 7 kids. Back in 2009!


I think Roger’s story is important to tell to our youth. Try to keep people who really care close, make good decisions and always have a plan B or even C.

I know, for some, it’s difficult to distinguish which people really care. Life will come to a fork, choose wisely.

RIP Charles. Cancer sucks.

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I really feel for Chuck man. He had such a promising career ahead of him. I’ll never forget his performance against my Irish. We won, but man that catch in the back of the end zone…wow. I didn’t want the Lions to draft him but I actually wonder how different would his career had been had he not suffered the two collarbone injuries

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Terrible story. RIP.

Sending love to C-Rog and family.