Chase Young at 3 or trading down for more picks?

New regime, want their guy maybe? Honestly, unless it’s a name out of left field or a QB, I’ll be happy with the pick. I might be bored w a LT.

I think those passes almost guarantee they have to go QB this time.

And I would be in the front lines with them.
CY is my first choice
Trade down is my 2nd.

This is a great question. One that we may be more likely to face then most of us thought. I think Young is a very complete RDE prospect. I don’t know if he’s an elite 3-4 rush OLB prospect, which for us is the JACK spot currently filled by Kennard. He won’t have to cover much in that role. I do believe that if we had the “problem” of replacing Kennard with Young when we go with 3 down lineman, and replacing Okwara when we go with 4, leaving Flowers at RDE in both situations, we could live with it. I don’t see a scenario on this defense, where we would not put Young on the field every snap he’s not gassed.

But… If I’m Quinn, and I’ve been told go from 3 to 10 this season or else (I’m paraphrasing), I have to think a little differently than I was when I was taking a Center in the first round, a TE at 8 and a downhill thumper MLB in the high 2nd. I’ve got quite a few holes and may have even more as we are figuring out Slay, Harrison, Glasgow and Amendola. Young may command as much in a trade as Tua would have. So no matter what happens at 1 and 2, 3 will be valuable. We can use Young, or Okuda, or Simmons, or Brown. So we could trade down with LAC and still get one of those guys. Imagine the haul we could pull down if we first traded with Miami so they could get Tua, then trade with LAC so they could get Herbert! 1, 2 and 3 from Miami and then 3rd and 4th from LAC? A lot we could do.

  1. Brown DL
    2a. McKinney S
    2b. Swift RB

I still think some team is going to swipe up Tua in the first. willing to take the risk/chance on him.

My view is don’t overthink the Chase Young pick.

If he’s there, you take him. You now have exactly the type of difference maker your defense lacked. One player who will cause all manner of problems for opponents for years to come and create opportunities for teammates to reach their ceilings.

Then it’s your job to fill out the rest of your draft with more difference makers. It’s degrees of difficulty tougher to do so down the rounds, but that’s what they pay you the big bucks for. Move around if you have to. But get the players that will come in and contribute.


Chase Young over the trade down. Lions desperately need a stud DE, and Young is that guy.

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Lol. I can’t argue with this angle either…

Nope pretty sound actually. For me it’s really simple. The Lions lack difference makers. They can’t pass on one to acquire more players like Tabor, and Tavai.


Lol, correct. Do we really want more second round picks?

This has been my fear, ever since I heard the Bengals May trade out from #2…I can most certainly see QuinnTricia drafting Okudah over Chase Young.


Because they’re “smarter than we are” :man_shrugging:t4:

The Lions lack star power (a Von Miller-Khalil Mack type pass rusher) and, arguably, haven’t had one on defense since Suh left. Yes, Slay is good, but teams can simply avoid him and pick on other DBs.

On my personal “draft board” I have Chase Young as my first preference. I am not sophisticated enough to have “grades” but if I were to do brackets it’d go something like below, Chase Young would be in a class of his own this draft.

  1. Chase Young

  1. Derrick Brown
  2. Jeff Okudah
  3. Jedrick Wills
  4. Justin Simmons

  1. Jerry Juedy
  2. Raekwon Davis
  3. Jevon Kinlaw
  4. K’lavon Chaisson
  5. Xavier McKinney
  6. CJ Henderson
  7. DeAndre Swift
  8. CeeCee Lamb

  1. Cesar Ruiz
  2. Tee Higgins
  3. Anfernee Jennings
  4. Andrew Thomas
  5. Brandon Aiyuk
  6. Henry Ruggs
  7. Michael Pittman Jr.
  8. JK Dobbins
  9. Grant Delpit
  10. Lloyd Cushenberry
  11. Cameron Dantzler
  12. Trevon Diggs
  13. Clyde Edwards-Heliare
  14. AJ Epenesa
  15. Malik Harrison
  16. Jalen Raegor
  17. Denzel Mims
  18. Isaiah Wilson
  19. Bradlee Anae
  20. Johnathan Greenard
  21. Tristan Wirfs
  22. Cam Akers
  23. Johnathan Taylor

Nate Stanley
Quartney Davis
Antonio Golden Gandy
Justin Jefferson
KJ Hamler
Chase Claypool
KJ Hill
Joshua Jones

I haven’t looked at everybody. But bottom line to me, I’d rather sit tight and draft Chase Young . He is the best talent in the draft at a position we could really use.


Nice work. I’d have Okudah in the same tier as Young at #2. I’d probably move Jeudy up a tier, too

Nice board! I personally luv Henry RuggsIII and would move him up a tier!

Hoping he’s an option for us in rd.2 but doubtful


Fair list. No complaints here.

I’m pretty high on AJ Espenza and Jevon Kinlaw. I think both will go in the top 20 of this draft.

Raekwon Davis to me is similar to AShawn Robinson. His pass rush grade just isn’t good enough. Personally I think he disappears at times just like Robinson does. He will go round two just like Robinson did.

He is best as a 2 gapper, so I can see what you mean, but I think Davis is harder to move and has more length. He would be an instant starter for us IMO.

Lloyd Cushenberry sounds like a name for one of the newscasters in Anchorman, right?


In all honesty, most Alpha males think they are the smartest people. Most GM’s are probably smarter than fans on a football level.

This argument regarding pass rush vs coverage can go both ways. When we had a dominant defensive line offenses just got the ball out quicker, didn’t matter if we had SUH crashing the middle and Avril screaming off the edge. Both players are considered elite blue chippers. Don’t think you can go wrong with either player.

You either have to cover longer or give the QB less time to pass. Its the same effect really.

A .5 second improvement can go a long way here. Unless your CBs suck so bad they can’t cover the first couple seconds…