Chase Young or Trade down for multiple picks

Ok so here is the situation, you are the GM for the Lions and you are on the clock. Chase Young for some inexplicable reason is still there at pick 3 but the Dolphins just called and offered you pick 5, pick 18 and their first 2nd round pick to trade up to #3 what do you do? Do you take the pick knowing you are getting a great player in Young or do you take the trade knowing you have multiple holes to fill and one player probably wont put you in the play-offs? I know what I would do what say you?

Take Chase Young.

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Lollerz. My thread beat yours by a few minutes. :raised_hands:

I’m taken Young. But i don’t see young bring there. Can BQ make a good trade, I doubt it. I would ask for their number one this year and next year, and 2nd round this year.

I fear BQ stays pat and take Okudah.

If I were GM and MP was my HC then I’d take the trade down.

If I were GM and had a different HC than MP then I’d draft Young.

Oh, I am trading down. Here is why, Miami is trading get Tua, no doubt. NYG are taking an OT IMO. They have 3 on their roster and one of them is 31 year old Nate Solder. They need to protect Jones and Barkley. At 5 I take Young or Okuda. Shoot, I would move down again if another team wanted to come up and get Herbert, or another QB, as I think Herbert goes to the Skins

Even if Young becomes a bust you CAN NOT pass on him. If the Lions have a chance to draft him and they do not, they will never be forgiven by me.

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In all honesty, it wouldn’t surprise me to see my Lions pass on Chase. Chase is a quintessential 4-3 DE. He doesn’t fit our scheme. I like Chase as a player. But, Patricia is a 1 dimensional coach. He isn’t going to deviate from his scheme for no one. This is the reason he has failed as a coach. The great coaches adapt regardless of scheme

Why couldn’t Chase Young play the Chandler Jones role?

Take the trade and watch him fall to 5. Take him there and laugh to the bank. At 5 either young, okadah or simmons will be there all will be impactful in this defense.

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Jones was more like Jamie Collins but a better pass rusher. Chase more like Kennard but way better rusher. What I mean is he is an exclusive rusher who doesn’t drop into cover. Patricia craves versatility. I personally don’t think Chase provides that thus my reason for saying he is an quintessential 4-3 DE

He could and I think he would fit just fine but I still think we would pass.

BQ always zeros in on need and drafts accordingly. Our biggest need is CB because MP doesn’t place a high value on DE’s that can get sacks. I honestly believe that MP doesn’t think DE is a need.

To be honest BIll B. Has a similar philosophy. Thats the a reason NE shipped out C. Jones. NE has never put a huge emphasis on DE’s that can sack a QB.

I believe they do this for two reasons. 1) DE’s that get sacks are expensive. If you spread those same sacks out over LBers, and DB’s it’s a cheaper build philosophy. 2) Today’s mobile QB’s need to be contained. So by having DE’s who stay home and contain, they can then bring pressure from the back 7 and give these mobile QB’s fits. This allows you to change your looks and to confuse the QB’s. To be honest it’s a sound philosophy if you have the pieces in place to execute it. We don’t.

Personally I’d still draft Young and force my HC to modify his scheme slightly. Force him to mix it up more. But … Unfortunately I don’t think the Lions will do that.


Draft capital is the most valuable asset in building a successful team. Just look at the number of high selections your scenario presents. As good as Chase Young is he is but one player that would be added to a franchise that needs multiple needs to upgrade its roster. My only concern would be Quinn’s picks with the added capital, can’t afford any more Teez Tabor’s.

The Pats valued DE enough to take Chandler Jones in the first round.

I want to trade down, and first try to get more. I hard-ball them, because I’m okay with taking Young. No shame in that. If he truly is the next Lawrence Taylor, I’m good with taking him.

If you can trade down, and get Okudah or Brown, AND Gross-Matos, as well as having an extra 2nd rounder to get one of the top RBs and a serviceable-to-good OG… (((((BOOOOM)))))! IMO, the trade-down is a better scenario.

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This is how I lean as well. Young is a great player but he is just one and the Lions have needs all over the team, especially the defense. Would love to see a scenario where we get an extra 1st and 2nd and actually be able to fill some of those gaps.

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Young at 3 or TD if he’s gone.

Patricia doesn’t seem to like guys that get pressure on the QB and can be disruptive, so I think he and Quinn would pass on him.
And the trade down scenario? Why would anyone want Quinn picking anything other than a blue chip, no brain pick? He might go for another 6-5, 250 lb tight end that likes to get concussions from trying to hurdle 190 lb DBs.


Chase Young happens if the Skins, Miami or the Chargers take Tua at 2. Could happen, might not. But if it does, you take Young. Period. No questions asked.

It’s tempting to bankroll multiple picks, but look at the Browns. Didn’t work for them at all. They traded down instead of taking Julio Jones and took Johnny Manziel. Then they decided to move away from drafting Carson Wentz, traded down and took Trent Richardson. Both Jones and Wentz have been to the Super Bowl. The Browns? Not even close.

Young is the best pass rusher since Von Miller. A player like Young, with a few other pieces in place and a little luck, can get you to a Super Bowl. Take the guy who hunts QBs and great things will follow. Almost always does in the NFL.


Patricia doesn’t like guys who are not gap responsible. He loves pressure as much as the next guy. The 1st pressure they like to apply is confusion to the QB. Who’s man? Who’s zone? Who’s coming? The next pressure is a collapsed pocket, but a pocket still (no escape lanes).

It’s sound football, really, but everyone has to contribute. Chase Young can fit, but not if he’s 5-yards behind the QB. If he’s good at setting up his blocker and moving quickly through small windows to the inside as well as out, without giving up his gaps, he appeals to Patricia. Young does do that.
It’s possible he’s not as high on our board as others. It’s even likely he’s higher on Rivera’s board than ours. Like, if he could drop into coverage reliably, that would seal the deal. If there was a legit threat that he was not the rusher on every snap, our guys would be in heaven. I honestly don’t know Young’s capabilities in coverage. We have Okwara and Bryant dropping back at times. Is he better or worse than them? If he’s genuinely regarded as a 4-3 DE, then Rivera will have a higher grade, but that’s not a matter of desiring pressure, it’s a matter of scheme fit. ( And I’m not talking binary here, I’m talking nuance )

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