Chase Young Pass Rush Win Rate

Look at that company that Curtis Weaver is in. He may be a little bit underrated currently

I’m confused by what exactly this is saying. What’s constitutes a pass rush grade?

What it’s saying is Chase Young is a bad ass. But seriously it’s going to be really interesting what Washington does. I’d love to see them take the LT. I’d also love them to work a trade with us. How about the 2 and Jonathon Allen for 3 and our 2nd and 3rd? We take Young, they take Thomas. We end up adding Young and Allen to our Dline.

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That seems like too many picks to give up, and I don’t see Quinn doing that if he is trying to draft an infusion of talent. The more chances the better

Weaver put up some impressive numbers but who does Boise really play? he has great skills and did well against weaker competition.