Chase Young plans to return to Ohio State


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He’ll be in the draft

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Yeah right

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This has to be just empty talk. It would be a monumentally bad decision for him to not start his pro career.

Well…technically this year is over in about 17 days soooooo

What benefits does he get for saying he is not entering the draft? I dont understand why he would risk injury and not having a pro career.

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It’s also TMZ. While they actually do end up breaking a ton of stories the paparazzi element probably put him on the spot a bit. I really wouldn’t make too much of it.

I doubt it too, but this would be typical Lions luck.

Not they I think they’re going to trade up for him, it just means one less top talent to push another guy down to us.

Lawrence and Fields are virtually guaranteed to go above him next year so he’d be giving up at least one slot worth of money in addition to shortening his peak earning potential by a year. It’s not happening.

Maybe we’ll have a better shot next year.

Depends on if Patricia and Quinn are retained. If those clowns get another year it will be a top 5 pick again.

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That’s why I said it.
They’ll be retained, and we’ll have a shot.

He’s gone. This is just talk to keep away distractions before the playoffs.