Chase Yupong or bust

Chase is the best outcome. Really hope we get the chance.


Chase Yupong? Sounds Chinese

Nice reference

Doesn’t that guy sell viruses all over the country?

Yep, Great jersey to have for conversation…

Yep, you’ve been around for longer than you say you have been, to know that reference.

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I literally never even considered that they had the same last name… Puts a little damper on him lol but I agree with Yoop

Not really’, there was a reference just in the last few days.

He was sooooooo good. What a waste. Lionsluck at it’s finest.

Yep, talk about throw back!

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I also don’t remember having spoken about how long I’ve been around. I just don’t share much personal business with people on the internet.

What a twist! Chase Was Titus Jr all along!

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!


An even older reference! This thread just keeps getting better and better, lol

This made my day. YUPONG for the win

Some boy stolen alex smith valet

Wow havnt heard that name in a while

I think we all know it’s 40 no?