Chiefs have $177 in cap space

Lol. They are going to have to release a ton. Plus Mahomes needs a new contract soon.

It may not be a long-term strategy, but going for broke is hard to argue against when it yields a Super Bowl victory.


I heard a Chief’s fan matched their $177 with cash under the table so they now have $354 to spend on players. But they have to keep that extra $177 on the down low

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I could buy a few cheeseburgers with that…


saw a mailbag post from one of the local beat writers saying we could offer our #35 for CJ and sign him to a long-term deal with our ample cap space. Sounds like a legit idea. 2nd best player on the Super Bowl champs.

They already got Sammy Watkins to agree to a pay cut.

Whoever wrote this article left that out purposely. Even though it said had OP wrote has implying that’s all they currently have.

They got 5 million in cap from the Watkins deal

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i just checked they have based on over the cap Team Cap Space: $3,489,548 Why titles of articles mislead to get clicks or writer never checked.

Also in this cap number his tag $16,126,000 is already added in an we know when or if they make deal the Cap hit for this season will not be 16 million.
Just example of read articles but don’t take it as 100% correct

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And NEVER just see the headline and run with it
90% of the time the headline doesn’t even jive with the vidy of the article…but it got you to click