Chime in , is Chase Young good enough to be drafted @3?

I’d like to hear your opinions.

Without a question. Washington is moving to a 4-3 under Rivera. They are already stacked on the Dline. Sweat will become a DE in this system and Allen will be a pure 3t. That still leaves Payne at NT and Ionnidis that will be an inside only player. Then Kerrigan, who admittedly 31 will be a DE. So could they replace Kerrigan with Young at 2? Absolutely and I’d put that move at about 60% or better.

BUT… They would indeed be smart IMHO to add another rusher a bit later and get an absolute plethora of picks to move out for one of the QB hungry teams like LAC trying to get ahead of Miami for Tua. If they do, then Young falls to us and we should sprint to the podium. Hell yes he is worth 3OA.


Easy Hell Yes from me.

Young falling to #3 would be the best thing that could happen for us.

thanks !! that is cool, I have been quite hot about taking Chase Young with our first pick, I know I’d pull the trigger and draft him there.

Young can go no 1 or another team trade him at no 2

He’s the best player in the draft… Yes, he’s “good enough” to be drafted @ 3

Cub, Chase Young is good enough to be drafted @ #1 Overall. Of course Cincy will go Burrows, but Young is that good and will go #2.

Really?! Are you just searching for anything to make a post about. The answer is for sure.

It’s a yes

Hi Lion King, yes I love new discussion in slow times , as far as who we draft first?? I have seen a bit of chatter the last few weeks but no real defining answer. again I have been in and out of the Den , I 'try being here as much as I can but not easy and I have some odd hours here lately. I knew we needed a pass rusher, but I was NOT sure about drafting a DE with our first pick. for me? I have another month before I can get all my Draft materials gathered to do an honest mock even , so I “asked” the other posters opinions about Chase being drafted @ 3.
but no, I just don’t search any old thing to post about on a usual basis.

People like to say he disappeared in the playoff game, he didn’t.


He is not only good enough; we should Sprint to the podium if he is there.

I actually believe that Wash will trade out of two or take Young.

My biggest fear … Wash gets a massive trade down package from Miami and takes it. The Lions pass on Young for a low impact (bad value) player. NYG or Wash take Young and he’s a perennial All Pro. Meanwhile we get to discuss how we passed on Young and Oliver for years.

I’m not sure on this … I get it and can see it but I do not think Wash takes a QB , they could .
So long as we were willing to take less than Washington for our pick #3 the QB coveted should be available to Miami at #3 …The stance could be from all teams Washington is not taking a QB Miami the team with the ammo to do so and Wash not dropping further than #5 so Miami pays less for #3

Air, that would suck.