China...It's what's for Dinner

Patrick Ewing just tested positive. Hopefully there’s not a correlation between viral load and nostril diameter.

Looks like David Stern’s ghost picked the frozen envelope in Hell…

Maybe Stern can talk to Lucifer about holding the playoffs down there. I’ll watch and then worry about repentance later.

NBA playoffs will be held in Orlando at Disney. So Hell it is indeed.


I didn’t bring it up bc SK’s model isn’t realistic as I’ve alluded to in the past, it’s only effective in the earliest of stages. That’s why no one else is trying to implement it at this stage. Europe’s plan is the same as America’s plan, open up slowly with safety restrictions in place. I believe that once people get a taste of “normal” without the boogie man virus killing a bunch of people like the media have been pushing, they’ll push the boundaries and the country will open up more rapidly. I hope that’s the case at least.

Here’s your Michigan policy boys and girls… Move people out of their own apartment who test positive for covid against their will INTO a nursing facility without informing their family. Then he gets beaten by a kid with “mental issues” who also tested positive and was moved INTO the nursing home. Disgusting practices


At home “spit” tests are close to being approved. Rutgers should be first with the University of Iowa right behind them. We’re talking weeks, not months.

Spit tests just in time for (the shortened) baseball season

That all could be accurate. Just to be clear I always tracked with the logic of your thinking. Our disagreements are more about policy, feasibility of said policy, philosophy and so on.

It’s really simple. People who want to open the economy up in an expedited fashion should be pushing hardest for mandatory mask wearing. But no.

And prostitutes…

All of the best American pastimes involve spit and rubbers

You know, when you say, “per capita”, there’s many per capitas. It’s like, per capita relative to what? But you can look at just about any category, and we’re really at the top, meaning positive on a per capita basis too.

The problem is much deeper than people who post on this board.

I have the same policy on rubbers that I do for masks… My body, my choice :joy: if I REALLY want to go in there and the owners are requiring I wear one, then maybe I will. But I’d just assume find a different place and get what I need from there without wearing one.


Data from convalescent plasma trial. Just like with Remdesivir and (maybe the HCQ triplet) early detection seems critical for the therapeutics to achieve anywhere near peak benefit.

If only there was a way for us to test people so they knew they had it before (or shortly after) having any symptoms whatsoever. :wink:

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Kids finally started baseball practice last week. Some may be playing games in Wisconsin since ‘Little League’ had been cancelled. A temporary summer local league is in the planning stages among surrounding leagues.

I saw Kevin Sheekey on TV. He’s a super sharp guy. Bloomberg’s former campaign manager during his mayoral runs. He now heads Bloomberg philanthropy’s Covid efforts.

He stated that outside of Brazil and the U.S. every single developed nation has a national testing, contact tracing and isolation strategy. I guess that I was getting at earlier. I’m open minded about the particulars but we need a coordinated National strategy IMO.

He’s full of shit.


UK is out, Poland and a few others. Not true but MOSTLY true.

He said strategy. The UK’s program for instance begins in June 1st. He’s a very accomplished guy. I don’t think he went on TV and started making sh!t up. Believe whatever you want.