Chris Jones getting tagged

The only way they were ever gonna move on from him was through a tag-and-trade. No way they think the 3rd comp pick is compensation enough, they’ll get at least a 1st and probably more.

I said it from the beginning, no way is Jones getting out of KC. They’ll cut Watkins and they’ll find additional savings elsewhere and they’ll make it work. Jones said he wants to retire a Chief.

They were never just gonna let him go. If he’s gone it’s through a tag-and-trade, so this was always gonna happen.

I hear you, but I highly doubt a tag-and-trade will happen. They’ll give him his deal next year.

Maybe, but that’ll be after they paid Mahomes and up against an even tighter cap (cause Tyreek, Mathieu and Clark won’t be going anywhere either). I still think there’s a better chance he goes than stays.

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That’s a fair point.

Slay stays ,come on down Derrick Brown

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It wouldn’t surprise me if the Colts offered their 2 2nd rounders for him (one of which, at #34, is basically a 1st rounder).

Their GM Ballard was in KC when they drafted Jones, they’ve got a ton of cap space, and they have to spend a lot of it just to get up to the baseline since they didn’t spend any of it last year. They also have a gaping hole along the interior of the line, where I guess Margus Hunt is their best player?

I think the natural cap increases of the new CBA keeps him in Kansas City.

Certainly possible, it’s hard to say what the cap will be like with the CBA yet to be worked out. It could stay the same or skyrocket. Last time in the first year it went down, almost $15M from its peak.

I think what’s telling is it was their #1 priority last offseason to get him re-signed and they couldn’t work it out, and the only reason they wouldn’t have been able to work it out is he wanted more than they were willing to pay him. So he bet on himself, and he won. And now I think he’ll want upwards of $20M/year. The general feeling amongst the KC diehards is that if they can get enough in compensation, he’s probably on his way out.

The last CBA the players percent of revenue went down and this CBA it’s going up.

The cap will be 220ish million this year and increasing every year.

It’s why I think its stupid to handwring about making a player signed under this CBA the “highest” paid player.

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I wouldn’t mind that if it happened. Then a CB to develop in rd maybe 3 or even 2.
Trae Waynes 3 year deal around 8 mill per year doesn’t mean he stays all 3 years.
slay this year an if they like his play Tag in 2021 if not trade then, if deal can’t be worked out.
I was big on Kinlaw but have read he has knee problems arthritis.

I doubt anything happens with Jones until the CBA is signed. This was highly expected.

The owners were smart to get the CBA done and out when they did. Players are feeling the pressure to sign it. Teams are reluctant to make roster moves until its signed. Free agency will be effected until its signed. Once it’s signed I think Jones will get his deal.

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I’d much rather get DT Ross Blacklock in the 2nd. That lets you take Young or Okudah in the first. Blacklock and Young would transform our pass rush and is a dream scenario.

That looks like the easy path as they don’t have many ways to free up significant money otherwise. Watkins cap hit is crazy 21M so eating 7M of dead money gets you lots of room. BUT they still have to do something for Mahomes and that won’t be cheap.They obviously could use their 5th year option if they want to wait a year but that won’t be cheap either. They sure have some heavy contracts that doesn’t allow much room this year. Next year it gets way better, but they will only have half the team under contract. And the price of QBs isn’t going down.

They also need some cap space for rookies.

All they have to do is get creative with the structure for Jones deal.

Khalil Mack signed a deal worth 23.5 million a year but only had a 13 million cap hit year one and 11 year two.

NO doubt teams move money around in different years to make things fit now. I get that, but you still have to pay at some point and the cap makes that hard.

By the time that happens Mathieu is out of contract and you are probably cutting Frank Clark due to age