Christian McCaffrey

Will be signing a huge contract extension.
I remember when some didn’t even want him

With how quickly RBs fall off a cliff in this league we were right not to want him. Draft your own RB, ride him hard for his first contract and then drop him. Just how the league is built. How often do these large contracts actually work out for these Teams? So again, I’ll pass

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I’m glad he got paid though with how short their career is.


Same here QB. The man deserves it.

Yea true. How often does a man catch and run both for 1K yards in same season. He just gives it all he has every game.

What does that have to do with a future contract? He was paid for his achievements on that previous contract. The chances of him living up to his current contract are slim to none. You’re thinking with your heart, not your head. It’s a poor investment 9.99 times out of 10. RBs just don’t have the shelf life of other positions.


I never said that he deserved all he received. I am happy for him he got what he did. He got over on the Panthers. I would not have agreed to that contract either. Has nothing to do with me not being happy for him. Just as I would be happy for you if had gotten a huge raise. I don’t have to agree with your raise, but I would be happy for you any account.

However you are right on how often they live up to it again. But point is, you would be going with the odds he wouldn’t do it again. I try to be positive about it.

I know you must have hated when Megatron got his contracts. Thinking the same way as McCaffery, you would think he wouldn’t live up to the years previous. Well, he did for the most part. (I am still not saying he or Stafford still deserves it) but kudos to them for getting it.

Having a negative outlook on things would argue these points.

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My comments stem from this. No, I wouldn’t want him. Because I knew what type of contract he was going to want. Too often we get pulled in for the name recognition, or past achievements. The problem is we end up regretting it. You’re trying to compare two different positions as well when you bring Johnson into the conversation. WRs tend to last longer then RBs. It’s nothing personal, just the way it is. But in hindsight, yes the Johnson contract ended up biting us as well.

If a RB was drafted in the 7th round, or even an undrafted RB ended up with those numbers by years end, could those type of RB get those same large contracts?

So are you saying in essence, that you want just average RBs? So we don’t have to pay that kind of money to a top RB? Just trying to understand your thinking is all.

1st rd back, or 7th back both still take a beating. As long as they are serviceable ride them through their contract and move on. I’d rather invest that money on an offensive line. You can make an average RB look elite with a solid line. Only a once in a generation back can make make an average offensive line look elite. The game has changed, and teams need to change with it or be left behind. Like I said before it’s nothing personal against these guys. It’s just business, and investing long term, high dollar contracts on RBs is far more likely to be a poor investment. I’ve Always been a firm believer in building through the trenches and fill in the rest. A solid offensive line can cover a lot of inadequacies on offense, much like a solid defensive line can cover up the same on defense. Then you look at the longevity of those positions and I just feel like it’s an open and shut case.

McCaffrey has completed… 3 years?
Doesn’t matter much how many years other than to set up my question
I think we all recognize this as a poor investment
Love the player and I’d love if the Lions had drafted him at the time
But …
Barry Sanders …
If we had Sanders right now, after three years
NOT knowing what he actually did
Do you think you would have reacted the same way?
Or might some here say … he will be cheap by the end of his deal :crazy_face:

Just curious
Personally I think 100x out of 100 its the wrong decision

In today’s NFL, it never makes sense to pay $10m+ for any RB
Almost any player other than QB
But that kind of money for a RB is a roster depth killer and increase overall roster risk because you get screwed if that player gets injured

It’s too bad the league has evolved to this (in my mind)
It’s so hard to have players stick with one team for an entire career
The notion of a player on one team for an entire career may only be romantic but it’s not the same experience for kids anymore. It’s all just moneyball anymore. All you hear anymore is “contract value” discussions. Personally, I think it takes away from sports.

I know it’s just a romantic type thing but …

Good post Sleats.
Unfortunately I agree with that assessment of yours. It’s not like it use to be back in the day. Where you are in hopes, that if you drafted a player like Barry, he would stay around with your team for his whole career. I still believe that, if Barry did just come into the league, and get what CM just got, a lot of fans would still want to pay him. (even though they still may believe he was over payed)

He was just to electrifying! And you know in the back of your head, when you play against him, he was that one player that could beat you in more ways than 1. And to watch him, he always had your heart pumping hard. Every time he touched the ball, you were always thinking, is he going to take it to the house?!

Personally, I would want my team to pay him. Hoping he would take a hometown discount. Knowing he probably wouldn’t.

I do understand what @Gerwinke is saying though. Not that I agree with all of it, but I do get where he comes from. Because winning football starts with the trenches. But going with his explanation, we still could have signed CM and let him walk after his rookie contract. (to have that excitement for 4 years would have been nice considering who we are as a franchise)
Now with Stafford, when he signed his last extension, I thought we over payed. But as time moves along, it’s becoming more aligned with others that are signing with other teams in his position.

I always loved Megatron. (till he started his crap after he left) But thought he was over payed as well. Money is ruining this game we all grew to love. Just like other sports have done also.

I get what you’re saying, my issue isn’t the players themselves but the position itself. 25-30 years ago it was a different story. Now a days it just doesn’t carry the value. Sure I would have loved to have CM on his rookie deal. When people were talking about going after CM this offseason in a trade I was totally against it. The reason being he is very unlikely to provide any adequate value for the length of an extension. Sure he’s fun to watch and he’s had some good years. But paying on what he did in the past, instead of what he’s likely to do in the future for the length of the contract is a completely different story. He’s been ridden hard over the corse of his contract and the likelihood of him sustaining a career changing/ending injury is higher then any other position on the field. It’s just one of those positions that I just can’t in good faith value above others. I’m not saying the position has zero value, just a position that you can fill with a niche player if you build from the line out. When you build that way you can rotate in a new player every few years. You could also potentially flip that player at the end of a contract or let someone else pick him up and pay for the latter years and receive a compensatory pick.

I do understand paying that kind of money to a RB Is not smart spending.

Good post man!