CJ Henderson

CJ Henderson is the best rookie I have seen thus far in Week 1. Looks like he has been doing this a long time.@HendersonChris_ @Jaguars #BaldysBreakdowns pic.twitter.com/AIJYNrY8aM

— Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) September 15, 2020

Pro Football Talk makes the case for former Florida star CJ Henderson as Defensive Player of the Week.https://t.co/EovO78XP4p pic.twitter.com/WtA2ikzyCF

— 247Sports (@247Sports) September 14, 2020

After his performance yesterday in his first NFL game, CJ Henderson is top ranked CB in week one according to PFF metrics

Thanks to @BryceFielding for sharing pic.twitter.com/wHULsACnOH

— David Waters - Gators Breakdown (@GatorDave_SEC) September 14, 2020

Just throwing a log on the fire. :smiling_imp:


Aw shit, you’re gonna make some dudes go into a fit of nervous twitching!

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Better be careful and loosen up first, that’s a good way to pull a hammy.


Lol let’s see the kid first before we anoint him a bust.

That is certainly disheartening to see but maybe Okudah is a gamer? Trying to find that Honolulu blue and silver lining…

So we should’ve taken a CB at #3?

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What is there to really say?
Didn’t like the pick at the time…
Let’s wait to see him on the field first.