Classic: Ocasio-Cortez Wanted U.S. Troops Out Of Syria...Until Trump Agreed

Does anyone here think Obama would pull out of Iraq too early and leading to the rise of ISIS?

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Actually, they have very little support from the party. The Reps have pushed that narrative to their advantage though, as it is in their interest to portray the Dem’s as being too liberal for the country to trust in the next election. Keep them front and center as much as possible will work with independents, the largest voting block.

First, yes I’ve said people have ADS or whatever you want to call it.

Second, “she” has more power than you give “her” credit for. She is part of a larger group that understood the brilliance in choosing her to front their agenda. Her star is burning bright right now. Do some (maybe alot) of current Dems dislike her or her policy positions? Oh yeah. But take a real close look at what they are forced to do because she’s so popular. They couldn’t tell her to shut up and get to the back and wait her turn like other freshman in congress. She was immediately given a small platform AND committee positions. She has a voice, whether people want to admit it or not.

Third, the media that’s just as obsessed…and in some ways even more obsessed…than people on the right when it comes to AOC. I’ve peeped this one out over time.