Claypool or Pittman?

If we were gunning for a WR with our first pick in the 3rd round and
Claypool and Pittman were still on board and we were to take one,
which would you guys prefer? I like both and would be cool with either…Any


Claypool in the fourth would be a pleasant surprise.

Triple trade down in the 1st to accumulate enough picks that you have the luxury of taking Pittman/Claypool and Duvarney.

Claypool in the fourth would be the bomb

Yeah Blue fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed for a trade down
I wouldn’t mind picking up two good Receivers myself :sunglasses:

In the same round? Pittman for sure. Pittman is going 30 picks earlier in all likelihood.

Pittman, but I think he’s going in the top 50.

Gotta come away with at least one WR outta this draft class. The value will be there at some point in the draft.


Yeah Barry I was thinking Claypool too. He definitely has great speed
and athleticism…Could even line up as a TE from time to time. Pittman
is beastly in his own right too, and also has great hands. I wishfully
think we’re gonna grab one of’em !!

Pittman is incredibly versatile. He does everything pretty well and is one of my favorite players in the draft. I’d rather wait on WR and see what’s there in round 3 though.

I think I may be in the minority Bc I think Jonathan Taylor changes this offense in a way that virtually any receiver we could get at 35 does not.

I’m fine with Claypool in round 3. I think there still may be better guys on the board but a Chase is likely a round two WR in a normal draft.

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I’d be glad if we grabbed Taylor too…sure would be nice to have a speedy
dependable workhorse to improve and rectify our dismal run game.

Over/Under on Pittman is 58 1/2.