Clemson Pro Day

Tee Higgins unofficial 4.43.

That should be well within the range of acceptable as many predicted 4.6.

Not a great vertical though (31").

I’ve seen as low as 4.43 and as high as mid-4.5s, it’s really hard to get an actual feel for it since they’re the result of a bunch of separate hand times. Either way I don’t think his speed is how he wins, it’s all the other things. I am surprised by that jump number, given the way he seemed to sky for jump balls.

Yeah he doesn’t really win by being an explosive athlete. He wins with insane catch radius and hands, and sneaky deep speed and stacking DBs. Would be a good X guy maybe. Reminds me a little of Plax Burress, body wise.

I think Terrell is another guy that might fit what were trying to do.

Yeah I think Terrell is much more likely for us, provided we don’t draft Okudah. Has everything Patricia generally likes in a DB.

His (AJ) combine numbers don’t jump out at you. I believe he will be a good pro at some time. He will be a work in progress.

Still hoping for a Okudah.