Cleveland might finally have a clue


Schwartz with his network get good cordinators too , good for browns

Hopefully Jim does better his second time than he did his first. Still probably one of my favorite Lions Head Coaches though, he had some fire to him…much unlike the Caldwell’s and Marinelli’s.

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I guess that could work. Is he gonna just let Baker gunsling like he did with Staff? I don’t think that’ll be the answer. I’d think they’d hire someone to work with and fix Baker. If we were picking former Lions head coaches for Cleveland I think I’d go with Caldwell

Cleveland all ready has a great running game, so there is no reason Baker would need to sling it. Also, I am sure he has people on the eagles staff that is pretty QB friendly

This is logical and makes sense…I agree . Except it’s probably wrong . Mayfield would likely be at his best gun slinging and having less structure . No doubt bad will happen but more good than bad when Mayfield does his thing . He’s a gamer, takes risks… I would not bottle that up, you need a solid Defense (Schwartz) and a creative play caller to pair with him .

Schwartz runs the D and Kellen Moore calls the shots for Baker? That could be pretty good


Yeah the entire NFL is lined up to hire Gym Shorts as head coach. Or maybe just the Browns.

I will say this, my dream Super Bowl is Cleveland and Detroit. Would be even better is Jim was the HC we beat for the Lombardi.

Thoughts from an alternate universe.


There’s more than you think. His name is one of the hot names for a HC job. I think he would be foolish to go to CLE.

I disagree it’s a great landing spot for Schwartz. Kitchens was a shit show …
The talent on that team is silly good . Mayfield to me is a hell of a QB , the offense , formations, lack of motion it was like having a Ferrari at your disposal and only driving it in a parking lot . Chubb is damn good but the lack of creativity was astonishing . Schwartz would be smart enough to know he needs a playcaller with balls to match his own .

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when I think about Schwartz and Chubb in the same sentence it takes me back to when we drafted Best. That was some funny stuff


Not going to lie …J.Best tape and highlights gave me semi Chubb just like Schwartz. It’s amazing to think back and compare it to now …a kid like J.Best having the concussion he had in college convulsing and shaking on the ground and still be a first round pick …He would be lucky to be drafted in 2020 never mind the first round

It’s not even that concussion …but Cal let him play the following week and got another concussion two weeks in a row.

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Man I miss Schwartz!!!

Cleveland would be smart to give him another opportunity!


I was hoping they’d have hired him last year! This year I was hoping Michigan would hire him.

Loved him at Cal… His sophomore season I wanted him to be a Lion so bad but never thought it’d happen… If only he’d have had a healthy junior year… Although, a healthy junior year would mean he gets drafted mid/early first.

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There are 32 head coaching jobs. Most people can’t turn down an opportunity, even a little one. Good teams just don’t have vacancies. Organizations, location, opportunity, connections are all variables.

He is? I don’t get why you’d be so down on Burrow as a QB talent but love Baker. Burrow has every bit as much arm talent as Baker, is even more accurate (which is in theory Baker’s best trait), is a better athlete than Baker, doesn’t act like an ass, etc.

I’m not down on Burrow , his accuracy in 2019 was phenomenal, his height is a plus as well …it’s the idea that you throw away the 2018 tape and pretend it never happened. That you go from a possible late round nobody to him being a cant miss #1 overall selection in 2020 a short 4 months later at QB .
Mayfield was a gamer , a stud for 3 straight years, Burrows is not more accurate then Baker was , one season of it does not make it so , its everyone’s birthday once a year , you knew exactly what you were getting in Baker Good and Bad .