Cliff Avril: “ I was embarrassed to say I played for the Lions”

Another quality player taking a shot at the organization. No wonder he turned down more money from the Lions to go to a real organization.


And? Lol - I’m going to get stomach craps!


And how is this relevant?

Different coaches, players, staff, etc. The only consistent thing is the owners…and I don’t see ANYONE defending them!

I’m starting to understand why some regular posters don’t post much anymore or at all.


Lol. You don’t see people defending ownership? People do all the time

So witch is it Iggy is it management or Stafford your so all over the place it funny. I think u need a dog or something to hug.


Iggy sure knows how to trigger this whole board. :joy:


That’s why I’m just chalking it’s up as a new, never ending source for laughter!

We can chose to embrace, reject or ignore things in our life…

It’s too fun to ignore, no need to fuel resentments as I have brought of those already … so, taking it for what it is nonsense to laugh at…


Who? People have posted supporting decision made by ownership…ie keeping Patricia and Quinn…but who has actually said…the Ford’s should own the Lions forever and ever!

So who has done this? If it happens all the time it should be easy for you to prove your stance!

Are you really this lazy? I’m not doing the work for you. A simple search on this board will find multiple posts defending ownership.

Some of you guys just try to argue absolutely everything. It’s comical in a pathetic sort of way.

Yup. He is also extremely easy to trigger. :joy:

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It’s your point not mine! You spew shit with the word “lots” but can’t provide a shrewd of proof!

You run your damn mouth all the time but where the rubber hits the road you pack it up like a little a whining 6 year old. Your schtick is old Mr 1%er

I’ve never had a problem. You can distinguish posts he makes intending to push your buttons. Once he makes one in a thread, you skip by his posts. It really is self-correcting.

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Aren’t you the same guy that DEMANDED I make a wager with you that the Raiders will make it to the AFCCG? Lol… let’s be serious you probably don’t even know how to use google.

I told you to put up or shut up…your the world class gambler, why not take such an easy bet with the buzzsaw that is Gruden and Mayock!

Never heard of Google, is it similar to Firefox?

Time to keep your lips shut Iggy or your gonna get Gruden juice all over your onesie!

I’m not a fan of the Fords, but shut the fuck up Cliff. You got drafted by the lions and you should be thankful.


That’s not really “taking a shot”
His comment is very human and normal

You twist it to suit your idiotic agenda


Um, if google is his home browser then he would have had to use it to find this website. :roll_eyes::thinking:

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Odd because I don’t recall many posters here patting the Fords on the back for SUCH an outstanding football team “all the time”


If anyone didn’t read the article, Avril specifically says he was embarrassed to play for the 2008 Lions. He then says if asked what team he played for during his career, (the author says) he leads with the Seahawks.
I’m embarrassed to be a fan of the 2008 Lions… and all the Millen years… and 09, 10, 12, 13, 18,19… but hot damn 11 and 14 were nice!