Coaches and GMs continue to whine

Set it up and figure it out already. The amount of whining the GMs have done is laughable.

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If done right there should be zero issue. Yet, there is that pesky human element.

Am I being selfish here in thinking that this “Show, Must Go On”?

Man! This when you need someone with an engineering degree ?! :crazy_face:

The stone tablets aren’t working… help…

Tablets crushing is dangerous for the patient taking Them!

They whine at everything Your telling me these people can’t get set up even in homes but why can’t they set up at there stadium .Your telling me everyone of those people have not gone out the door the whole time or there wife an kids .Not Likely…Your telling me the guy can’t get in his car drive to lets say Ford Field Practice place an walk in alone an sit at a desk could even be tested with 15 minute or less test an sit like 20 feet apart bring your own coffee an get take out…they ever hear of intercom its old system that would work at there desks Also this is couple weeks away Sorry they are people who have had every thing made just to keep them happy Money Counts an now they may have to be working in not best conditions Give Us The Fans A Break


I don’t know why IT just can’t remote access everything…if they are that worried about it…

Back in the old days, they had to use newspaper articles (the ones on paper), and rotary dial telephones. Oh, the horror.

I’m sure these snowflakes will manage to survive the draft.


They have time. It took me a week to get comfortable working from home, but I figured it out. I have to log into a VPN and then go through each of my work applications step by step (I usually have 6 or so open at a time) until I can jump back and forth to get what I need. Our IT department is great, and they helped me solve an issue with accessing our share drives from home. Call your IT support staff. They’ll walk you through it. They don’t have to be in your home pressing the keys for you. As soon as you stop complaining and accept their help, you’ll be all set.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t use the training facility or even the suites at their stadiums. It is not like anyone is there. They could spread out and have everything they need already connected.

Cuz everyone is broadcasting from home as part of the COVID war effort
Not doing it from home would send the wrong message to the people who don’t think they should be doing it now anyway
My guess on the thinking …

If I were Cisco, I’d deliver a complete system to every user for every team. VPN routers with integrated LTE. WebEx Teams. Video conference units of all types and sizes.

The biggest complication is order fulfillment. A lot of this product is shipped direct from Cisco where we are already seeing certain items backordered until the end of May.

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Exactly this.

I agree to an extent, but then shouldn’t they postpone the draft if that is honestly their thinking.

can’t be half pregnant if you follow what I am saying.