Coaches/GMs that are off the block

Thought it might be nice to keep a tally of the ones that come off the board.

** GM**
Brad Holmes- Hired: DETROIT LIONS

Possible Head Coaches
Dan Quinn- Hired: DC Cowboys
Gus Bradley- Hired: DC Raiders
Eric Bienemy- TBD
Dan Campbell- TBD
Todd Bowles- TBD
Robert Saleh- Hired: Jets
Arthur Smith- TBD
Darrell Bevell- TBD
Marvin Lewis- TBD


Schneider is officially off the block



Well…Saw that coming!

Thank you all for posting this and keeping it updated. Now can we just get Dodds on that list to the Lions.


So upset. Both DC I wanted under Saleh. See…we are losing out on candidates while we lollygag around. Smh.

Well, I guess we just need a filler GM until 2027.

Last time we rushed the process, we got Bob Quinn and his coach in waiting Matt Patricia.


So Dodds is being interviewed tomorrow along with OC Arthur Smith.

Anyone know if there are any interviews scheduled out beyond tomorrow?

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Dodds interviewed today. I am waiting for any news to break.

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Oh nice! Good to hear - I thought it was tomorrow. Thanks.

Yeah, I’m kind of hoping to hear soon as well.

I don’t want the Lions to rush, but chips are beginning to fall. The Lions have been thorough and have been doing a good job. I’m just excited for them to pull the trigger so we can begin to research and speculate on the new regime.


I agree. I feel like we are on the verge of that 1st round in the draft when there is a run on a certain position. You don’t want to be the one without a chair when the music stops.

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Thanks for this thread. Just checking in after a long day away and I see that Gus Bradley has been hired in Vegas. Interesting.

Multiple reports have Saleh basically a lock for the Jets. Hmmmm…

Patton to Denver. Sounds like Holmes is the favorite now

So 2 of the remaining coaches we interviewed have HC experience… Bowles, Lewis. 3 if you count Darrell’s few-week stint.