Coaching candidates for next year

Let’s be honest many of us think Patrica should have been gone already.We know the Fords dont have the best record of identifying coaching talent unfortunately.I am going to go on record as saying I want someone who has experience as a head coach even if it’s a college head coach which is likely.So who would be some guys you would look at and does experience matter to you?

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Josh McDaniels :joy:

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Unfortunately McDaniels will be one of the names you will hear about…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

  1. Jim Schwartz
  2. Jim Schwartz
  3. Jim Schwartz
  4. Jason Garrett
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Pointless in many ways…

I’m ok with 1-3. Hell to the naw on 4.

After what I expect to be a BAD year for NE, why not dump 15 mill on Bill Belichick? Their dynasty has finally ended. He and Krafft might as well part ways. Go big or go the F home Martha!!

Give him a lifetime contract. 12 million first season, 1 more million for each addition season. Full control. Give him every resource he needs and get the F out of the way, lady.

2nd choice is Sean Payton. The Brees era is coming to an end after this year, most likely. Might go into a semi-rebuild. Give him whatever he needs, including F-150’s for everyone he’s ever hung out with.

**my point is, we don’t have to ever settle for someone who is unemployed or the dishwasher of the Patriots, like we did with Quinn and beard boy. Go get the people who actually DO the job and MAKE the decisions.

No coach will come here with Quinn as the GM. And no GM will come here with Martha Ford owning the team.

This team will need a complete tear down to fumigate “the Patriot’s way” out of the organization.

Ford isn’t selling so best case scenario would be to lure a very successful retired GM out of retirement and that GM to lure a old head successful head coach out of retirement.

Martha will have to Godfather offer both. And then both GM and HC will need to tap an up and comer to apprentice with them over the next couple of years while they overhaul the org the right way - with these Apprentices getting paid going rate for GM and HC respectively.

2x-3x the top GM and HC money to get the best candidate out of retirement and paying assistant GM and OC/Assistant HC full head coach money.

Ain’t no salary cap for front office or coaching staff.

Totally agree with the first part, but disagree with the 2nd part. A good GM would love it here. All they would have to do is win 1 playoff game in 5 years and they would get a quarter billion dollars, a statue and part ownership.

The Ford family is terribly loyal to a fault. If someone just had a taste of success, they would get a 10 year extension. Problem is, Fords always go cheap, lazy and full idiot mode and hire morons. If they got a legit GM here, the rest would take care of itself.

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  1. Jack Frost
  2. Stuart Smalley
  3. Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers
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If Hanks is allowed to bring Wilson, we would be legit.

Stu is good enough and smart enough, but I’m not sure people like him.

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I like “looking into the future” type posts! These are awesome!

I’ll take it a few steps further…buckle up!

Fast forward to 2080, Owner Kelly Stafford (often seen riding around Allen Park via Hover Cart), is mourning the loss of her late husband and Detroit legend Matthew Stafford. The Lions franchise, still searching for it’s first Super Bowl appearance, struggle to keep the flames of hope burning for this ancient, helpless fan base. “Since '57” one license plate reads. A young kid mumbles under his breath, “what the heck does that even mean!??.” Grandpa wraps his arm around his grandson and begins, “Jimmy, let me tell you a story…”

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I should have clarified the part of Quinn is gone also after this year he maybe worse at his job than Patrica and that’s not easy.

Haurbaugh. Give him player control and get out of the way. Sure, we’ll choke still but we’ll be in the hunt every year.


Me thinks this is a thread created just to troll the Patricia slappies. Lol

Mark DAntonio - GM
Jim Schwartz - HC

This legal marijuana shit is having an impact on this board. :expressionless:

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If this year is a flop I’d take a 2nd go at Schwartz…

I think Dan Orlovsky for G.M. would be a great hire!

-Former player- check
-No coaching experience- check
-From TV to Front Office- never been done before, right?

Then I’d bring in former NFL Head Coach and Michigan legend, Steve Mariucci.

Running the Defense would be none other than former NFC Central Black n’ Blue Middle linebacker Mike Singletary.

Offensive Coordinator is first time NFL coach but a former player under Mooch. None other than T.O. Terrell Owens!!

We get back to back HBO Hard Knocks that turn into legendary must watch seasons. T.O. and Singletary in the same room would be the stuff of legends.

This ends in one of two ways: Orlovsky lifting a Lombardi trophy…or breaking the NFL record with a 0-17 season.

I dont see Dantonio as a good fit for GM. He was never great at acquiring talent at MSU, but he could sure coach up the talent that he did get. Always seemed to get the best out of his players.

I wouldn’t mind Schwartz. He’d probably be like…wait, every time you drive your organization into the ground you want me to come and save you, OK, but it’s going to really cost you this time, and I want a 10 year guaranteed contract.