Colin Cowherd: Lions need to trade Stafford

He lays it out and tells it exactly how it is. The Lions have no brand. He mocks the thought of taking a corner just like I have. It’s a terrible pick and the Lions need to look to Tua. The Lions need to be aggressive. Enough with the mediocrity.

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Tua would equal mediocrity and set the franchise back even more!

Cowturd is a douche with no credibility!

Just another talking head that knows nothing!


I disagree with his take but he’s right on some fronts.

I do not see how trading Stafford and drafting Tua helps the brand. I do not see how that gives the team a better image.

But I do agree that the Lions need more brand able players. This year we have the opportunity to get one but most think we will take a lesser profile player. Which one could argue easy that it wouldn’t be the best for the brand. However are we trying to win games or sell jerseys?

Stafford wins a SB he IS the brand. Give him a decent run game and a stout D in the same season and there’s no reason (outside of health) he can’t do it. And it’s far from my first choice, but if Okudah is the perennial pro bowler some are making him out to be, if we lock Slay up for a few years we’ve got shutdown corners along both boundaries. Combined with the young talent at safety, that’s a really nice secondary to have in a passing league.

Me? I give Stafford this season and spend what we’ve got in cap space on some solid vets. They’ve all got to hit home runs this season, let’s give them 2020 to make it happen.


would account for $32 million in dead cap if the Lions were to trade him

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Lions luck would be they trade Stafford and draft Tua and the latter does down in his first game with a career-ending injury.


The fact this talking annoyance endorses a trade… is reason in itself to not do it. CC is MM behind a mic

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CC is why oversize woodchippers were invented.


“Enough” of the laughter! I’m cramping brother! Almost pee pee my pants! :pleading_face::thinking::upside_down_face::crazy_face:

Man listen, I don’t know if you guys are just young, or what. But I’ve lived my entire life with the Lions playing a terrible QB (and I remember pooping without a smartphone).

Until Stafford.

They better not trade Stafford until he one of his legs falls off.


Guys like Cowherd and Stephen A just make stuff up to create talking points. In the off-season they have a lot of dead air to fill …


Just like Cowherd said in his piece… Fans will say “ Stafford is the best QB we’ve ever had!” Guess what… that’s a YOU problem. The Lions being inept is no excuse to not draft a QB.

The problem isn’t the QB though.

So why would you trade him? Don’t you build around good QBs? The hardest part is finding one.


Truth. Holy hell it’s been awful…here’s an old post as a reminder

I feel like I want to make a Billy Joel “We didn’t start the fire” parody…

Rusty Hilger Stoney Case, Andre Ware what a waste
Shaun Hill Frank Reich, Gus Frerotte and Whizzer White

Detmer, Daunte, Drew Stanton
Chuck Long and Joe Ferguson
Matt Cassell or Dan-O , Hipple, Gagliano

Mike McMahon, Majik Man, trouble with Jeff Komlo…

They didn’t start the season
So they held the clipboard, and we thanked the Good Lord.

They didnt start the season…etc


Of course the problem isn’t Stafford. It’s not the QBs fault he threw 12 INTs in a 6 game stretch run to lose the division. It’s not the QBs fault he threw like 1 TD in the final 4 games of 2016. It’s not the QBs fault the offense hasn’t scored a TD in the last 7 Qs of playoff action. It’s not the QBs fault that he has major back issues.

It’s never Staffords fault!!!

I don’t like or agree with this.
But if it’s true, I hope it’s for Herbert, not Tua.

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Solid stinking gold right there!


Correct me if I am wrong but I did not see where anyone called him perfect, elite or even stated that it wasn’t his fault. What I saw and I agree with is that Stafford is not the problem. I ask can you prove that those 12 INTs were all on Stafford and were not the result of something else, such as a player running the wrong route, the OLine not stopping the rush so he is hurried, or even the opponent’s defense deflecting the ball? In fact can you prove that all of the things you listed are strictly on Stafford and there is nothing else that might have caused those results?

I would also say that looking back over some of the posts that you made over the last couple of years really makes me wonder what you are looking for in a QB. I ask this because some of the ones that you believe are good, I see as average or below average. While there are some that I agree with you on, it seems that there is some difference in what you are seeing and what I am seeing and I am just hoping to get a better understanding of what that might be.


When I see Iggy starting a thread I normally go to the next. But I couldnt help myself this time.

I knew I shouldnt have come in here. :roll_eyes:

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A good QB will sell merchandise and win the seats, but a good defense will win more games. Both of them together gets you into the payoffs. Neither one gets you drafting in the top 5. Stafford was a good QB over the games he played, and he’s too damned expensive anyway to trade. Deal with it.

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