**College Football Thread 11/9**

Geaux Tigers!!!


I agree.

Alabama loss, along with the Penn State loss, would probably push Georgia and Clemson into the Top 4.

Then LSU beats Georgia in the SEC CG.

Then we get to see if they push Alabama back into the playoffs without playing in their conference championship.

Of course they will.

And the calls for a 8 team playoff will be load and clear again.

So, is Minny real now? Think so.

Gotta root for 'Bama since my daughter lives there and is a fan. Sorry LSU…

And I lived in Louisiana for 9 years. So F you AND the elephant you rode in on!!!:rofl:

Geaux Tigers!

I just wish Delpit was healthy for this game. If he plays he’s severely hobbled, which sucks.

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Tua Tuck fumble

Wave to Mr. & Mrs. Trump everyone!

Nicely done Tua

Bama playing very sloppy football at the moment. Saban must be ready to blow a gasket.

Damn 'Bama, haven’t seen this many self inflicted wounds since…nevermind.

Okay, 'Bama just got jacked. Receiver steps OOB at the pilon on his own accord. Not pushed out. Then came back in bounds with a great catch. Ruled a catch even though stepped out on his own. Bullshit!

In meaning the rule itself. That means a WR could run a pattern around his bench, cut a crossing pattern for a big gain.

How is this different?

Bama has such a weak non conference schedule: Duke, S. Miss, N. Mexico St., and Western Carolina. What a joke. They should be punished for playing such overmatched teams.
If they get blown out they will miss the playoffs even with only 1 loss. But I have to say Auburn has a realistic chance of kicking their ass all over the field too. That would be so sweet. I would love to see them wipe that obnoxious smile of Saban’s face.
Saban will be whining and crying for his team to get in.
The important thing is if Oregon leaps Bama in the polls next Tuesday.

And Ohio St. looks like an NFL team compared to the other teams in the Big Ten.

Don’t have a dog in this race. Just commented on the raw deal on a play. A play that seems to be constructed very poorly. That or just a piss poor call by an inept official.I

Talking LSU game here.

I wonder if Minnesota moves up to KState, ND, and Mich in the next polls?
If they run the table and win the Big Ten, they have to be in the tourney. They would have beaten the #4 team, 18, 13, and 1 team in the bowl committee poll.
If OSU loses a really close game to an undefeated Gophers team in the Big Ten Championship would they still get in?

They’re not a legit contender. They will probably face OSU in Big10 championship. It’s a great story though, and well worth watching. Hard not to love PJ Fleck. What a job he’s doing.

Official ruled during the play, that the LSU TE was pushed out by a defender. That is non-reviewable. He was definitely NOT pushed, so it was a blown call. Great catch in bounds regardless.

I hope we get an OSU/LSU game in the future. That’s the matchup I would pay for.

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The verbage I heard was there was no prior contact.

First play of the second half, they “cleared” up the confusion. It was a bad call, but at least we got a quick explanation. Unlike some other league…

The “Najee Harris Drive” was a perfect way to describe what just happened.